Somethings Been Making Me Blue ...

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

... just casually drying my hair on the radiator, as you do ...

... pre-dye ...

I had been toying with the idea of putting colour in my hair for a while but couldn't decide whether to do streaks or tips. One thing for certain was it was always going to be a turquoise blue, a colour i hadn't had before and had been lusting over for about a year!

I decided to take the plunge when i saw Zoe's post - i had a set of hair extensions that i rarely used, the brilliance of using extensions is that if it messes up then its not a dramatic loss as with your own hair.

My extensions were inexpensive. I picked them up on eBay about 2 years ago for £24. I used shade #613 which i believe is 'Lightest Bleach Blonde' and it matches the ends of my hair perfectly! The ends of these extensions were quite thin, wispy and rat tail-y so i got my hairdresser on and gave them a trim with some nail scissors, ha.

I bought my dye from eBay too - i opted for Directions Semi Permanent hair dye in Turquoise and it was about a fiver for a 88ml tub.

I'm not going to give you an in-depth, step by step guide on how to dye your extensions as the gorgeous Zoe covers that well in her post (i followed most of her guide ;) thanks Zozo!)

I left the dye on for longer than the instructions say (15 - 30 minutes was recommended, i left it on for an hour and 15 minutes!), mainly because i completely forgot about them and started cooking lunch, ha. The colour is more blue than the greeny turquoise id have liked but as the dye is semi-permanent i can simple wash the extensions a few times until the dye begins to fade to my desired choice :)

I love the results and have worn these a few times to gigs and nights out since dying them 2 weeks ago. I love the length of them too and really wish my hair would hurry up and grow that long!

I've already began scouring eBay for another set of extensions as i have a much more softer coloured look i want to try out next, so watch this space ;)

Disclaimer: All photos were taken with my iphone so sorry if they're a little fuzzy. Normal picture quality will resume when my new camera arrives ;)

What do you think of the blue tips? Would you dare to wear a bright colour?




  1. its better to color extensions than to dye your own did a great job:)

  2. cuuuute! id advise when you wash them to shower them, holdint the wefts - the blue will run into them and make the whole set green!!

  3. I love the colour, looks great on you too!

  4. They look so good! (a lot less commitment too ) Happy new years! x hivennn

  5. These look great! Such a good idea xx

  6. Love the colour!
    Have a look at my blog? Just starting out, would love feedback from you blogging pros!


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