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Welcome to Flora and Jane!
Written by Kirsti, 30, from the South-East of England; This blog was founded in 2010 under a different rue (Kirsti @ the notebook) – predominately beauty and fashion based the blog built up a following and I met many wonderful people.

After taking a year out from blogging I decided to rebrand (and pictures on my wall) and use this blog as a platform to display my craft wares and incorporate a more lifestyle approach in my postings. 

Then .... Life got busy! I moved 3 times, I became a fiancee, then a wife - there was a wedding and a honeymoon both of which was in the USA. I also became a mummy to a fur baby called Drizzle.

Today I have a passion for food, cooking and homewares and spend my Sunday's batch cooking for the week ahead and trying out new recipes. I wanted a place to store all of my tried and tested dishes and decided to bring this space back to the boil (yes, I really am that funny sad!)

Oh .... and why the name Flora and Jane? 

My dear Nan was very poorly before she passed away and my Mum and Sister went to visit her in the hospital. My Mum asked her if she knew who the girl (my Sister) was and she drew a blank,  my Mum replied "Its Laura!" ... to which my Nan exclaimed "Oh Flora!!" 

And Jane is my middle name and if I was ever naughty as a child my Nan would always call me by my full name "Kirsti-Jane!!"

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