Cooking with Kirsti #2

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Why hello there!!

Another installment of Cooking With Kirsti ... today (well Sunday!) i made my first ever trifle. Decided to give myself a head start and do a practice run for Christmas Day. Very easy to do, so i'm pleased with that :) Here's what i did ...

Jelly (strawberry)
Sponge fingers
Dream Topping
Flaked Almonds
Dark chocolate
Firstly i took my trifle bowl (i say trifle bowl, i don’t actually own one yet! I had to buy this Pyrex bowl when buying the ingredients as that’s all they had, lol) and laid sponge fingers over the bottom of the bowl as a base ... i think when i make this again i may use different sponge instead of the fingers but that’s purely for aesthetic reasons.

I then made up the jelly and poured over the sponge base. The sponge fingers then rose and mixed in with the jelly. At this point you could add some fruit pieces to the mix but i forgot to buy fruit when shopping! I left this overnight to set in the fridge.

The next day i poured a carton of custard over the jelly and sponge. As mentioned in my first cooking post I’m a lazy cook so i bought pre-made custard, you can make your own if you wish (and have the time!)

I then mixed up the Dream Topping. I have never even heard of Dream Topping before, my mum always uses whipping cream with icing sugar for the topping of a trifle but the boyfriend insisted i made it the ‘proper’ way so i hunted it down and gave it a whirl. O.M.G !! Why have i never tried this before, it was absolutely amazing ... i even licked the bowl!

To finish I quickly crushed up some flaked almonds and made some dark chocolate shavings and sprinkled over the top. I then left to set for a couple of hours in the fridge and viola! A simple, pimple trifle!
What trifle tips do you have?

Lee Stafford - ArganOil Deep Nourishing Treatment

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Quick review today of Lee Stafford's ArganOil Deep Nourishing Treatment. Recently my hair has turned extremely dry and frizzy in places so in a mad panic on night i splurged on the Boots website and treated myself to a whole bunch of treatments and conditioners to try and bring it back to life.

One of these products was Lee Stafford's ArganOil Deep Nourishing Treatment - a little expensive at £14.99 for a 200ml pot but luxurious and nourishing none-the-less.

This treatment was a thick white conditioner, you needed to use an 'egg sized' scoop and massage through from roots to ends. I found i only got 5 uses out of a 200ml pot which works out at an equivalent to £3 a use!

ArganOil Deep Nourishing Treatment is non-greasy and leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturised. I must admit that i didn't really notice that this product did anything special to my hair until the last use when i used about a dollop and a half to use up the pot - after i had dried and styled my hair it felt extremely soft and silky. Up until this point i hadn't been overly thrilled and i don't think i will be repurchasing. I cant really justify £15 on a conditioner that isn't a wonder product and that i only get 4-5 uses out of a tub.

I do love Lee Stafford's product (the Hair Growth products are fab!) but on this occasion they haven't worked for me.

Have you tried this product? What are your wonder products for dry hair?



All I Want For Christmas ... a xmas wishlist

Sunday, 2 December 2012

On the first day of Christmas .... Tra la la la la, la la la laaaaaaaaa ...
I'm well and truly embracing Christmas this year! Yesterday i spent the day doing Christmas crafts and putting up a little pink tree with the boyfriend's little girl. We made angels and Santa's out of toilet roll tubes!
I put together a little Christmas Wishlist ... i don't for one second think I'll ever get a Chanel bag but hey, aim high ;)
Up until yesterday i didn't think there was anything i wanted for Christmas except maybe an iPad but a quick late night online window shop proved very fruitful and i found some little gems that I'd like to see in my stocking!
Anything Santa doesn't bring I'll add to my birthday list which is only 2 months away now, ha.
Also, i just need to add this was my first attempt at a product collage and I'm quite impressed. Teaching myself basic Photoshop skillz at half 7 on a Sunday morning is not what i envisioned but at least i achieved something this weekend :p
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