Excuses, Excuses + a cheeky OOTD ...

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ahhh, there she is!!?

Just as i launch a 'thank you' giveaway for all your support and finish my 30 Day Challenge (which encouraged me to post at least once a day) i fall off the face of the earth and go MIA!

I've had an awfully busy long weekend with the bf - we've been decorating his bedroom. This is both our first experience of full on decorating and jumping into the deep end like we do we've tackled a number of challenges. We've stripped and sanded the walls, skirting and door frames. We've had to replace a ceiling board and insulated the roof! We've then papered the ceiling and walls ... and then we ran out of time :(

So each night after work this week we've decided to keep going and do the painting - no rest for the wicked! Tonight we will paint the ceiling, skirting and door frames and then move onto the walls tomorrow and Thursday. I shall be in for a well deserved rest this weekend that's for sure!

I hope to come back on Friday with some new posts and schedule a few for while I'm away (yes, i will be disappearing again next week and go gallivanting off to Download Festival for 5 days!)

So that's my case that I've put together to excuse the fact that i haven't posted since Friday! ;) ... do you forgive me dolls?! haha.


Here's a cheeky OOTD that i threw together - i was originally going to wear this to Frank Turner when i met Zoe (The London Lipgloss) but i chickened out and put on leggings when the heavens opened and i practically needed an Ark to get there!!

I love love love my new top (Tesco's, if you're wondering) and think it will be my go-to tee for Download - its super lightweight and thin and will roll up and tuck away perfectly in my bag :)

Hope you're all well - don't forget to enter my giveaway for a chance to win some goodies



Day 30 - 30 Day Challenge - A photograph of yourself taken today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days ...

Friday, 27 May 2011

Day 30 of my 30 Day Challenge - A photograph of yourself taken today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days:

So this is the final installment of my 30 day challenge - time flies, eh!? I hope you've enjoyed getting to know the girl behind The Notebook a bit better.

Above is a photo of myself taken today. This morning i woke up in Kingston after a great night out with the lovely Zoe @ The London Lipgloss and outside the hotel i stayed in was this random collection of red telephone boxes - i couldn't resist a tourist style snappy snap before heading off home.

Three good things that have happened to me in the last 30 days:

1. I recently won Zoe's giveaway to meet Frank Turner and go to one of his shows. Me and the bf went along to the Hippodrome in Kingston last night and met Zoe and Frank :) Had a fantastic time! xx

2. I booked a whole bunch of gig tickets for the summer months including Download Festival, Gallows, The Blackout and a few cheeky others that I'll mention at another time.

3. I reached 100 followers on my blog!! Amaze :) Thank you all xoxo

Don't forget to enter my giveaway :)



Day 29 - 30 Day Challenge - The place you want to live ...

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day 29 of my 30 Day Challenge - The place you want to live:


I love London. I feel at home in London. The smell. The sights. The hustle & bustle. The shops. The nightlife. The Fashion.

As you may have gathered from a previous post i already consider London my home as i spend the majority of my time at the bf's house but i want to live right in the City!

A little confession for you: When away on my hols by about the last couple of days i really miss London and get so excited when on the plane back and we're flying across the skies of London, haha. Yes i am a geek!

Cant believe tomorrow is my last 30 Day Challenge post!!



My 100 Followers 'thank you' Giveaway ...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I recently hit 100 followers on my blog and am so very happy and grateful!

I totally didn't think anyone would read my little Notebook as the blogging community is vast and i thought it'd get lost in 'cyber-space' but here we are over 100 followers later and coming up to 100 posts - amaze!

As promised I've put together a little giveaway as a thank you to everyone that takes time out to visit my blog, read and comment on my posts. I wish you the best of luck and hope you continue to stop by and visit my page :)


Eylure Party Lashes designed by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud
Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
Soap & Glory's Wish Upon A Jar
Rimmel Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves Mascara - Black
E.L.F Luscious Liquid Lipstick - Raspberry
Barry M Dazzle Dust - Neon Pink
MUA Blush - Shade 1
MUA Lipstick - Shade 5
MUA Nail Polish - Shade 16
George Nail Polish - Starry Eyed
George Nail Polish - Love Rat
Pearl 'Made With Love' bracelet - handmade by me!


Firstly, you must be a public GFC follower on my blog

To enter simply leave a comment on this post with your contact deets (email or twitter is fine)

Extra entries:

Tweet about the giveaway: 'I've just entered @kirsti_r 100 followers giveaway and you can too here @ http://kirstix.blogspot.com' (+1)

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All in all you have 4 chances of winning if you do all of the above.

The giveaway is open international and the winner will be chosen by Random.org.

This giveaway will close at midnight on Friday 17th June and the winner will be announced on my blog over that weekend.

I will also email/tweet the winner and if i don't get a response within 3 days, i will have to choose another.

Best of luck and once again girlies - thank you!



Day 28 - 30 Day Challenge - A cartoon character that you’d love to meet in real life ...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day 28 of my 30 Day Challenge - A cartoon character that you’d love to meet in real life:

Ariel - The Little Mermaid

I bet this one has been chosen so many times! But i couldn't think of anyone I'd like to meet more (or be!) than The Little Mermaid. I mean c'mon, she's so thrifty what with combing her hair with a fork n all (that's totally going to be me at Download Festival in a couple of weeks, brushing my hair with a twig or sumin as i never ever remember a hairbrush! ha).

Ariel also rocks the red hair which is bang on trend (I'd absolutely love to try ginger hair but would get bored to quickly) and has the most amazing trinket closet ever!!



Day 27 - 30 Day Challenge - A photo of your favourite item of clothing ...

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hiyaaa, how's everyone doing? I'm totally feeling happy happy as today is my 'Thursday' - only tomorrow at work and then 5 days off :D

Day 27 of my 30 Day Challenge - A photo of your favourite item of clothing:

Grey distressed denim hotpants

I absolutely adore these!! I bought them in January in prep for the summer but have worn them at least once a week since then with tights or leggings. (Sorry for the extreme close-up pics, excuse the derriere, haha)

Cant believe I'm near the end of my 30 Day Challenge - gone soo quick! Have you guys been enjoying it?



Day 26 - 30 Day Challenge - A celebrity you don’t like, and why ...

Monday, 23 May 2011

Day 26 of my 30 Day Challenge - A celebrity you don’t like, and why:

Pete Wentz

I found this one hard! My mind went blank and i couldn't think of anyone i hated (i must be feeling nice today!? haha)

I chose Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy as he is just eugh and winds me right up! Y'know when someone just has one of those faces that annoys the hell out of you? ... Yep, that's what he does to me! Also why does he feel the need to make-out with someone in every single video?! You're meant to be married! (Well, was married...)

Speak soon



DIY: Studded pumps

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hey gorgeous girlies!

As you may know i like to be a bit creative and customise stuff where possible (last seen here), i have lots of studs left over from my last venture and while sorting out my shoes the other day i came across these pale pink pumps from last summer.

I think i only wore these a couple of times last year as they are quite girly and i like to add a rock edge to my outfits so wearing these with girlie dresses just wasn't me. So when they fell out from a shoe tsunami i instantly thought of my leftover studs and added them to my to do list. Finally got round to customising them this evening and this is how they turned out:




What do you think? Do you customise your stuff? I'd love to see what you do :)



Day 25 - 30 Day Challenge - A photograph of the town you live in ...

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Now this is a little tricky for me, i live in a teeny tiny village and hate it! I spend a lot of time at the bf's which is in South-East London and i feel much more at home in London than my current surroundings. Also, trying to find a picture of my 'town' on google is proving difficult and have the choice of just two rubbish pictures haha, so here goes ...

Day 25 of my 30 Day Challenge - A photograph of the town you live in:

My Village

The bf's town

That's the best i could do today, haha.

I've got a Blog Post To Do List with tons of stuff on but have been so busy this weekend with the big clear out and eBay listing sesh that i haven't had time to concentrate on The Notebook :( *big sad face*

I did however reach the big 100 follower mark thanks to a little help from Zoe @ The London Lipgloss. As a little thank you to everyone that reads my blog and has welcomed me into this fab community i will be hosting a giveaway shortly so be sure to keep checking back over the next week or so for that :)



OOTN - Coral Jeans - Colour Blocking Trend

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hey girlies, hope y'all having a fabulous weekend. I havent got up to a whole bunch (which is bank-balance friendly!) but a little dull as i dont have many stories for you!

I did however pop to the local last night for a quick drink with the bf and some friends. Lots of discussions took place about our upcoming trip to Download Festival; food and drink being of main concern. I'm thinking of doing my ultimate festival survival guide before i go (i've had to compile one for some of the girls at work who are going to their first ever festival this year!) there's alot of these type of posts floating around at the mo so i'm not sure whether y'all need another one or not?! Hmmm...

Anyways, now onto my OOTN from last night's pub shenanigans:

... sorry the pics arent the best, the bf didnt want to take them and then i didnt want to pose with him being grumpy n all :/ lol ...

New boots - look pretty but gave me awful blisters on the balls of my feet and i have been hobbling around like an invalid alllll day :(

Leather studded jacket: sooo old!
Pale pink vest top: Primark
Feather necklaces: Primark
Coral Jeans: eBay shop
Fur Lined Buckle boots: eBay shop

What are your fave colour-blocking items? Have you got any deadly shoes that you repeatedly wear even though they kill?!



Day 24 - 30 Day Challenge - A song to match your mood ...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Day 24 of my 30 Day Challenge - A song to match your mood:

Jason Mraz - Curbside Prophet

So today I'm jus' chillin' and i thought this was a great song that matched my mood. I love Jason Mraz and have done for about 7 years now! Gosh, what a long time :) Unfortunately the video i wanted to show you of this song wouldn't let me share it with you guys so please take time out to have a watch here.
How's your weekend going so far? Mine has been pretty relaxed so far :)


Day 23 - 30 Day Challenge - The next plan you have coming up that you’re really excited for ...

Friday, 20 May 2011

Day 23 of my 30 Day Challenge - The next plan you have coming up that you’re really excited for:

Ok, so you may have heard that i recently won Zoe @ The London Lipgloss giveaway where i get to go and see Frank Turner and have a little meet & greet with the man himself. This has finally rolled round and i will be going to said gig next Thursday :) :) so excited! I also have 5 days off from work - perfect!

So yes, this is the next plan i have coming up that I'm really excited for - weeeeeeee!

I have finally decided what to wear (unless the rumoured 'heatwave' hits London and then I'll be screwed! ha)



Day 22 - 30 Day Challenge - A photograph of the part of you that you like the most ...

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hey ladies!

Day 22 of my 30 Day Challenge - A photograph of the part of you that you like the most:

My eyes!!

I really like my eyes, they're big, blue and my lashes are in good condition considering how much mascara i use/never take off :/ (ultimate sin i know! ha)

What do you like the most about yourself?



Day 21 - 30 Day Challenge - A photograph of the part of you that you dislike the most ...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Day 21 of my 30 Day Challenge - A photograph of the part of you that you dislike the most:

My feet! Or toes to be precise ...

I have eagle toes that look like talons (its a family trait ... FREAKS! I hear you cry, lol)

Leaving this post short and sweet so we don't have to focus too much on the negativity and horribleness of my claws ;)

Speak soon



The alphabet runs right from A-Z ...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hi ladies, how are we all? I'm having a busy week so far and don't see it quietening down any time soon, siiiigh!

I've seen a lot of A-Z posts floating around and seeing as I'm in the middle of my 30 Day Challenge and aiming for you guys to get to know me a little better i thought I'd stick mine out there to complete the process :)

So let's get going ...

Age:  25 Bed Size: Double
Chore you Hate: Washing up - I'm a germ-aphobe so hate the dirty food remnants, bleugh!
Dogs: No thanks
Essential start of your day: Music!
Favourite Colour: Purple, black, grey
Gold or Silver: Gold for costume, silver for sentimental pieces
Height: 5'4
Instruments I play: I can play anything and everything ... badly! haha ;)
Job Title: Facilities Operations Officer
Kids: Hmmm ... Live: Kent/London borders
Mum's name: Mum, duh! lol :p
Nickname: Snorlax
Pet Peeve: People who eat loudly
Quote from a movie: "Where are his glasses? He can't see without his glasses!" - My Girl
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: 1 sister
Time you wake up: 6:30am for work, whenever i wake for days off (normally around 9:30am)

Underwear: Black, always!
Vegetables you dislike: I love vegetables. Do potatoes count as a veggie? If so, i choose them!
What makes you run late: Trying to curl my hair or the bf - he never ever leaves on time!
X-rays you've had done: Teeth
Yummy food you make: Pasta or Mexican
Zoo animal: Giraffe

Thought I'd include a picture of moi from the weekend - this is proof i cooked my first ever bbq!

Dunno where O went :/ hmmm. Anyways that's the A-Z about moi. I tag everyone of my followers so i can get to know you a bit better :) Also hello to all the newbies I've had come across my blog recently, i do hope you stay around and enjoy the ride ;)

Take care and speak soon



Day 20 - 30 Day Challenge - A band/artist not many people know of, but you think should ...

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

So today I'm introducing you to a band/artist not many know of but i think should. I could be totally predictable and mention a couple of bands and artists already floating around the pages of my blog (Frank Turner, Gallows, etc) but I've decided to spread the love and mention someone new ...

Day 20 of my 30 Day Challenge - A band/artist not many people know of, but you think should:

Kate Voegele

I was first introduced to Kate Voegele while watching One Tree Hill - not only does she play a uber-cool rock chick, Mia Catalano, but she provides a lot of the soundtrack to OTH. I've picked up two of her albums and absolutely adore them! (You can find them pretty cheap on Play.com and i would highly recommend giving them a whirl).

I've also added a pretty cool song by Kate for you to have a listen to :)



Day 19 - 30 Day Challenge - A photo of your handwriting ...

Monday, 16 May 2011

Nice easy one today :)

Day 19 of my 30 Day Challenge - A photo of your handwriting:


I prefer to write in pencil than pen :)

I'm off to the carvery for the bf's sisters 21st birthday meal - cant wait, starving!

Speak soon


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