Somethings Been Making Me Blue ...

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

... just casually drying my hair on the radiator, as you do ...

... pre-dye ...

I had been toying with the idea of putting colour in my hair for a while but couldn't decide whether to do streaks or tips. One thing for certain was it was always going to be a turquoise blue, a colour i hadn't had before and had been lusting over for about a year!

I decided to take the plunge when i saw Zoe's post - i had a set of hair extensions that i rarely used, the brilliance of using extensions is that if it messes up then its not a dramatic loss as with your own hair.

My extensions were inexpensive. I picked them up on eBay about 2 years ago for £24. I used shade #613 which i believe is 'Lightest Bleach Blonde' and it matches the ends of my hair perfectly! The ends of these extensions were quite thin, wispy and rat tail-y so i got my hairdresser on and gave them a trim with some nail scissors, ha.

I bought my dye from eBay too - i opted for Directions Semi Permanent hair dye in Turquoise and it was about a fiver for a 88ml tub.

I'm not going to give you an in-depth, step by step guide on how to dye your extensions as the gorgeous Zoe covers that well in her post (i followed most of her guide ;) thanks Zozo!)

I left the dye on for longer than the instructions say (15 - 30 minutes was recommended, i left it on for an hour and 15 minutes!), mainly because i completely forgot about them and started cooking lunch, ha. The colour is more blue than the greeny turquoise id have liked but as the dye is semi-permanent i can simple wash the extensions a few times until the dye begins to fade to my desired choice :)

I love the results and have worn these a few times to gigs and nights out since dying them 2 weeks ago. I love the length of them too and really wish my hair would hurry up and grow that long!

I've already began scouring eBay for another set of extensions as i have a much more softer coloured look i want to try out next, so watch this space ;)

Disclaimer: All photos were taken with my iphone so sorry if they're a little fuzzy. Normal picture quality will resume when my new camera arrives ;)

What do you think of the blue tips? Would you dare to wear a bright colour?



An explanation ...

Monday, 26 December 2011

An explanation to my impromptu mini hiatus from the world of blogging ...

Sometimes real life gets in the way.

Today i woke up feeling much more inspired than i have done this past couple of weeks. I'm ready to get back to it and have almost a zillion posts lined up in my head for y'all :p

I'm not looking for sympathy just thought I'd explain why i haven't been around as much.

New year, new starts! :)



Giveaway Winner ...

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Congratulations :) please email or DM me on Twitter your address and I'll send the package out Monday for you !!

Thank you so much to everyone that entered and to all my readers.



Maggie Angus Jewellery ...

Sunday, 11 December 2011

At the recent #ldnxmasbloggermeet i was very lucky enough to meet Anna from Maggie Angus.

Anna was extremely inspiring and made so many interesting points throughout the day, I'm so glad i got to meet her :) We were all given one of her adorable Fox Head rings to take home (as seen on Little Mix, dontcha know!).

I had previously heard of the Maggie Angus jewellery range after following Emma (who hosted the event) on Twitter as she works for Maggie Angus, super cool eh!?

I was casually browsing the website the other night when i came across the gorgeous Rock Star necklace - i knew immediately i had to have it and promptly placed an order as a little Christmas gift to myself :)

It came cutely gift wrapped in a black box with a baby blue/grey ribbon tied neatly around the box.

Its featured on a charcoal grey chain and the guitar and star charms hang at different lengths (something i particularly like as they don't bash against each other and jangle when I'm walking along!)

It also has a teeny tiny white charm on the clasp with Maggie Angus scribed on it - nice touch!

I love them both so much!! :)

The Fox Head ring can be found here. RRP: £12 and the Rock Star necklace can be found here. RRP: £10 (currently reduced).

The gorgeous Anna has very kindly given me a code to share with my readers so you lucky ladies can recieve 20% off!! Simply enter: MAGANG223 at the checkout. (Valid until Christmas).

Why not treat yourselves this Christmas :)



Purple is the New Black ...

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I am fully embracing my gothic side with this lipstick.

I wasn't sure about it at first as it seemed really dark but i think its because i tried it on after a long day at work (and late night shopping!) and nearly all of my makeup had worn off and i looked tired and pale.

Here we have 17's Lasting Fix lipstick in New Black. New Black is a deep, dark purple colour - I've been after a purple colour for winter for a few weeks now and literally spent an age in Boots looking at every purple they had ... as i paid at the counter my whole had was covered in swatches!

The packaging is sweet and sleek - smooth black casing with a dusky pink shiny metal tube. The tubing twists up to reveal the bullet and the casing is durable. Its been squishing around in my makeup for the last two weeks and not even a mark on it :)

Lasting Fix lipstick is fairly moisturising but as with all lip products i apply a small slick of lip balm before application to ensure a smooth finish. I find i can wear this colour best with a coat of clear lipgloss over it as the colour can be a bit uneven. It also takes a very steady hand to apply this colour, the slightest wobble and it shows up! You may benefit from a lip liner first ...

All in all this lipstick has really grown on me and is great to add a pop of colour to a neutral face during the winter months.

Have you dared to go dark for Winter?



Kirsti's 250 Follower Xmas Giveaway ...

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Thankyou all so much for taking time out to follow me and read my blog, I'm so grateful and happy.

As a thank you i thought I'd hold a cheeky giveaway to celebrate reaching 250, one lucky person will win an extra special Christmas present :)

As you can see by the picture above there are some pretty sought after gifts there :p

The lucky winner will receive:

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
Natural Collection Pink Orchid lipstick
Natural Collection Cosmic Crush nail polish
Maybelline nail polish
MUA Shade 16 nail polish
ELF Champagne nail polish
George Starry Eyed nail polish
5x nail art dotting tools
Nail art diamante's (24000 wheel)
George Faux Lash Mascara
George Eye Primer
Vanilla Lip Balm
Pink Sparkles Lip Stickers/Tattoos
Handmade jewellery
Christmas chocolates
A sprikling of fairy dust ...


Firstly, you must be a public GFC follower on my blog.

UK only.

To enter simply leave a comment on this post with your contact deets (email or twitter is fine)

Extra entries:

Tweet about the giveaway: 'I've just entered @kirsti_r 250 followers Xmas giveaway and you can too here @' (+1)

This giveaway will close at midnight on Friday 16th December and the winner will be announced here over the weekend . The winner will be chosen by

I will also email/tweet the winner and if i don't get a response within 2 days (Sunday 18th December), i will have to choose another to get the parcel mailed before Xmas posting dates.

 - best of luck xoxo

I only started blogging in February this year and since then have met some great girls and chat to the most amazing people on Twitter - i love you all :)

Thankyou again


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