Upcycled Noticeboard

Sunday, 31 March 2013


Aloha! So last Friday on my first day off from work I decided to deep spring clean the kitchen! Cray cray, right!? While tidying up the dumping corner I rediscovered my whiteboard behind a million papers and cook books looking rather sorry for itself - I decided to rehome it and give it a sparkling makeover :)
I took it up to my craft room and raided my drawer of Washi tapes (seriously, you NEED washi tape in your life!!) and within 5 minutes I had recovered the bland wooden frame and turned the noticeboard into a cute shabby chic floral masterpiece.
I also gave it a brand new home within our kitchen! Previously it had just been propped up against the wall on the work surface and would either keep sliding down or get hidden behind junk. I used a set of Command Strips and pinned it to the side of our fridge - ideal to keep track of meal plans and add to a shopping list while we're rifling through.
And voila! a very inexpensive way to upcycle a dull noticeboard.
What's the best use you've found for Washi tape?

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Centre's

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The other week I fancied a little naughty treat and decided to make these light and fluffy chocolate chip cupcakes with gooey peanut butter centre's!
They turned out perfectly! Super light and moist (ok, they are a little burnt around the tops but they didn't taste it!) with a hidden surprise in the middle!
To make these you will need:
100g sugar
115g butter
150g self raising flour
1 egg
Chocolate chips or chunks
Peanut butter (I used crunchy)
~ Preheat oven to 190°C and grease a muffin tin
~ Cream butter (I softened mine first in the microwave a little) and sugar for 1 minute (I used my electric hand mixer)
~ Add the egg and beat on low until combined
~ Sift in the flour and add chocolate chips or chunks and mix together with a wooden spoon (or spatula or any other tool you have handy!)
~ Scoop a small teaspoon of mixture into the muffin tin, then add a small spoonful of peanut butter and then top with another spoonful of cake mixture.
~ Repeat until muffin tin is full (my mixture made 6 generous sized muffins!)
~ Cook for 15mins or until golden brown.
~ Devour while still warm!!
I'm so excited - I've finally took the plunge and ordered myself a beautiful, shiny stand mixer! Just waiting for it to arrive - cue lots of baking, treats and recipes very soon!
Have you tried making these? Let me know what you think :)

Scarlett Fashion - Sugarhill Sorbet Sweater

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I love spring! It’s my most favourite season. I love the colours – lemon, mint green, whites! I like that it’s just warm enough to go out without a coat! I love lambing weekend and seeing baby chicks! And Easter Eggs!
And I absolutely adore this jumper from Scarlett Fashion! It's by Sugarhill and it’s the perfect transitional piece to go from these chilly winter days that are lingering to sunny spring ones!
I was very lucky enough to receive this jumper from Karen at Scarlett Fashion. A little boutique based in Preston with a extensive website featuring fabulous clothing and accessories from a range of brands including Sugarhill, Yumi and b.young. There's also beautiful Jewellery By Scarlett.
A massive plus for me is that Scarlett Fashion accepts PayPal payments! I do love shopping with my eBay monies!
Lets get back to the jumper! ...
The jumper itself is a lovely soft, fine knit and has beautiful flecks of colour throughout the pinky peach and baby blue yarn. I love the cute cream heart on the front too!
I ordered a Medium which I would say is roughly a size 8-10. This is the ideal length to wear with leggings or jeans and I’m so looking forward to wearing this when the weather warms up with coloured skinnies!
I live and die in jumpers and leggings at the moment and this has really brightened up my wardrobe from the usual blacks and greys I tend to turn to! I can see this lasting me throughout Spring/Summer as a go to item when I want to lounge around or throw something over a vest or tee when there's a chill in the air.
You can check out the full range of brands, clothing and accessories at Scarlett Fashion.
What items are you wearing as transitional pieces for Spring?


Saturday, 16 March 2013

After careful deliberation and being on and off hiatus for just over a year i have decided to take this blog forward in a slightly new direction.
That can only mean one thing! ... A MAKEOVER!!
So tadaa!! Welcome to my all new blog!
Apart from the visual aesthetics of my blog undergoing a makeover (thanks to the very talented Kayla) i have also renamed my blog to fall in line with my new craft store.
Kirsti @ the Notebook is now ... and pictures on my wall.
Since fleeing the family nest and moving in with my boyfriend, fashion and beauty has taken a back seat. I am still very much interested in these things and am still reading your blogs daily but for me personally my priorities have changed. I have taken on the role of housewife (while still working a 9-5!) and am relishing my new role. I’ve learnt to cook! I DIY (well, i DIY’d before as my full-time job requires these skillz) and am a proud step-mummy. I find myself reading home decor magazines and searching for new recipes rather than picking up a gossip mag or trying to hunt down the latest MAC collection.
So with that in mind i have decided to move forward with a more lifestyle & home based blog (while incorporating some of the ol’ favourites like reviews, DIY/handmade projects, etc). I will also be using this space to showcase some of my crafty wares that i recently launched.
I would love to hear from you - I’m looking for feedback on my craft items, guest bloggers (whether it be showcasing your handmade items, recipes, DIY skillz, etc) and general chit chat about what content you’d love to see around here now on 'and pictures on my wall'.

I'm sure you've all heard by now but Google Friend Connect is departing us and while I'm a little annoyed about this I have embraced some new tools to help you guys follow me easily so you don't miss any of my updates!

You can follow me via Bloglovin' (don't forget you can import all of the blogs you follow on GFC by going to this link!), Hellocotton and NetworkedBlogs. You can also find the easy 'Follow me' icons down the left-hand side of my blog!
I do hope my you stay around and join me on this new journey, take care for now ...
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