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Sunday, 27 November 2011

I recently got an iphone *mexican wave* and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it! How did i survive so long without one!!?

Now that i have a much easier phone to navigate my everyday life with i have been taking a lot more photos (i seemed to have abandoned my usual 'blogging' camera as we seem to be bickering about what decent shots actually mean, ha. Roll on Christmas, hello Santa!) Anyways, i thought I'd share some snippets from the last month as i love reading all your adventures!

Maple and Walnut cupcake - delish! *also very sickly*

My attempt at making a guy for Fireworks Night for the reception desk at work #fail

Oh hai there Instagram!

Anchor tights <3

The bf finally got a Christmas jumper after 4 years of wanting one!

Digging out my Christmas stocking :)

Neiiigh! We decorated the meeting room doors at work - why not jazz up that boring meeting?!

I went to the #ldnxmasbloggermeet and got some lovely goodies :)

Payday Lunchtime treat!

A Day To Remember - i was riiiiiiiiiiight at the back at the top on the balcony hence why this is fuzzy wuzzy!

I got a purple lipstick - but its reallllly dark. Channelling my inner goth!

Had a sort out of my wardrobes and found my Winter accessories box!

Took the work car for a bath - scary times! Hate car washes, last time i took it out i got stuck in one!

Krispy Kreme Xmas Tree - wasn't too impressed actually, quite dry!

Me and the bf tried to order a pizza WITHOUT cheese as he cant have dairy ...

... it came with a bit of cheese on :( we still had a delish feast though.

First time ordering online with Domino's, they had such an extensive pizza menu it was hard to decide, but opted for the Create Your Own so we could try and minus the cheesy topping.

Create-your-own pizza (Regular crust, meatballs, chicken, mushrooms, onions and sweetcorn) Yum!

We also got potato wedges, chicken wings, cookies and a drink - absolute fatties!

Me, full to the brim, about to give birth to a food baby, lol!

Was chuckling to myself at this little potato character - the bf didn't find it as funny as me :/

Am loving having a iphone/ipod again :) Put on looooooooads of my music as i can link my phone to my car stereo and leave it on shuffle while driving.

Shuffle seems to be favouring 36 Crazyfists at the moment, taking it back to the old-skool and i love it!!

I hope to make this a regular feature but you and i both know that I'm rubbish at keeping these things up! Remind me if i haven't posted one in a while :p

Hope y'all are having a nice weekend :)




  1. Love this post :)
    Your boyfriend's jumper is awesome! I've been trying to persuade Spencer to get one but he won't, grumpy sod! xx

  2. Love these snippets - especially your Guy Fawkes ;) xxx

  3. MEGA jealous of you with an iphone!
    Love your boyfriends knit, I want it too.x

  4. all that food looks so delicious! especially the first picture :] My tummy growled! You look just like my friend. Cute pictures :]
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    All you have to do is "Like" this page:
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    thank you!

  5. The picture of McDonalds food makes me crave their fries so much!

  6. Great post! Best bit?

  7. Don't you just love instagram? Beautiful pics!

    Adore your blog! Following you through Google Connect now. Hope you can visit my blog and share the love back by following.

    Much love from Canada~

  8. That cup cake looks so yummy and I love your ear warmers! They're so cute :P xo


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