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Saturday, 29 October 2011

I recently treated myself to a few Lush products and could not resist this chocolate cake look-a-like!

Ma Bar is a delish toffee and chocolate bubble bar that smells exactly like caramel with a hint of choc -

It has quite a squidgy to touch and when crumbling it has the texture of uncooked cookie dough ... if you are wondering if it tastes like cookie dough i can assure you it does not! (yes, I'm a fool ... i totally have to lick something that's so pretty and delicious looking - does anyone else do that? Nope, just me then! o_0)

How to use your bubble bar:

1. Crumble under running water.
2. Swish, swish, swish.
3. Revel in big, frothy piles of bubbles.

(instructions borrowed from the Lush magazine)

Unfortunately i didn't get any photos of it while using it in the bath but it frothed up quite nicely although the bubbles didn't last long.

I did find my skin silky smooth and hydrated after using the Ma Bar and the yummy scent lingered on my skin until the next morning :)

I would buy this product again purely for its delicious smell and moisturising qualities :)

RRP: £2.50/100g

Funny story: I was casually perusing the bright and colourful stands when an overly friendly sales assistant bombarded me with greetings and shoved a wicker basket in my hand - she then proceeded to chat to me for about 10 minutes as if we were life-long friends!

Has this happened to anyone else in Lush? 




  1. I haven't yet tried ma bar, but I always pick it up and have a smell when I'm in LUSH. Looks lovely! x

  2. Yes, every time I go in Lush they talk to me as though they've known me forever! I can't imagine ever being confident enough to do that, pretty amazing they've managed to get a whole raft of staff that are!!x

  3. The staff certaining know how to be pushy and friendly :P I love this bar :D
    Lucy xx

  4. Oh yes some of their sales assistants chat away to me as if I've known them since we were toddlers haha! I've yet to try this but it sounds/looks lovely! xxx

  5. haha, I actually want to eat this.. is that wrong?x

  6. This looks yummy enough to eat!


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