Day 7 - 30 Day Challenge - A photo of yourself, not taken by you ...

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Today's challenge was to share a photo of yourself that wasn't taken by you and i chose the below pic coz i thought we could all do with a giggle!

Day 7 of my 30 Day Challenge - A photo of yourself, not taken by you:

Gym class Hero

Ok, so i don't dress like this everyday i swear!! haha. This was taken just before going to a fancy dress party and the theme was to dress up as a band or song title. I went as 'Gym Class Heroes'.

I didn't have much notice to pull together an outfit (i think i was told it was fancy dress the morning of the party!) so i literally just grabbed a whole bunch from my dressing up box (yes i have a fancy dress BOX! haha) and made up the 'cape' with some leftover fabric and tadaaaa!!

Hope you enjoyed this little gem (and your eyes haven't been blinded by the neon!!?)




  1. Fab outfit!! Made me giggle! x

  2. This outfit is awesome! I want a dressing up box too!
    Loved this.


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