Day 25 - 30 Day Challenge - A photograph of the town you live in ...

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Now this is a little tricky for me, i live in a teeny tiny village and hate it! I spend a lot of time at the bf's which is in South-East London and i feel much more at home in London than my current surroundings. Also, trying to find a picture of my 'town' on google is proving difficult and have the choice of just two rubbish pictures haha, so here goes ...

Day 25 of my 30 Day Challenge - A photograph of the town you live in:

My Village

The bf's town

That's the best i could do today, haha.

I've got a Blog Post To Do List with tons of stuff on but have been so busy this weekend with the big clear out and eBay listing sesh that i haven't had time to concentrate on The Notebook :( *big sad face*

I did however reach the big 100 follower mark thanks to a little help from Zoe @ The London Lipgloss. As a little thank you to everyone that reads my blog and has welcomed me into this fab community i will be hosting a giveaway shortly so be sure to keep checking back over the next week or so for that :)




  1. Congrats on reaching 100 hun :) xx

  2. This is turning into a google challenge as well as a 30 day challenge. haha.
    Congratulations on reaching 100 followers you deserve each and every one. x

  3. I recognise that bridge! Sidcup!?


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