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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Band of the week #2:

Kate Voegele

So this weeks 'Band of the Week' is actually an artist. One that i absolutely adore!

I first heard of Kate during Season 6 of One Tree Hill and then i started re-watching the boxsets from the beginning actually came to realise Kate Voegele and her music had been featured in OTH for quite a while.

I love her edgy attitude and fantastic 'rock chick' wardrobe. I love her pop/rock songs that are ever-so catchy. She's totally gorgeous too.

I'm desperate for Kate Voegele to come to the UK so i get a chance to see her :) but at the moment i will have to make-do with her brief appearances on One Tree Hill.

Please take time to check out her music - i definitely like to think of Kate Voegele as a hidden gem in my music collection that always brings a smile to my face when i listen to her stuff :)

Here's a little taster to get you started ...


That's it for this week's music intervention :p
Hope you enjoy



  1. ahh I love Kate Voegele! her music is awesome, and so is OTH! xx

  2. I love her music so much, she really is amazing. I always get girl envy when I hear her music. What a very talented woman. x


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