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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I've received my 2nd blogging award :)

The lovely Arianne sent me the Stylish Blogger Award, thank you so much!

I love Arianne's blog - it's full of book reviews, hauls and OOTD - what more does a girl need!?

7 things about me:

I'm completely addicted to rice - nearly every meal i have will have rice of some sort in it!

I hate potatoes - except mash

Only Primark shoes seem to fit me - the more expensive they are the worse they fit!

I love my job!

I have a not-so-secret crush on Jack Black

I'm the Queen of eBay

I have a phobia of sequins!

7 people i tag:

Emily Charlotte

Jo @ Notes From A Small Dressing Table

Zoe @ Diamond Solitaire

Christina Marie Says ...

Leanne @ A Slice of My Life

Lisa @ Dainty Roses

Charlene @ Dainty Dresses

Happy Tuesday! Speak soon




  1. I eat rice a lot too! But it has to be Jasmine. Lately I've just been cooking Italian pasta coz I ran out of Jasmine rice and haven't been able to get some. It's not that I'm addicted, it's just I grew up eating it and it feels weird not to.

    I LOVE POTATOES except mash LOL

  2. Rice is good :)

    Thanks for the award lovely & congrats on receiving it xx


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