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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

So I've had a rather busy couple of weeks and thought I'd show you just what I've been upto with a nice little picture diary ...

* Warning! Picture heavy .... but if you're like me and nosey you'll love it ;) *

Festival day at the local park ...

getting blown away by the wind ...

Foo Fighters @ Milton Keynes ...

Rich wouldn't let me go on this!! :(

the crowd!

Take That @ Wembley Stadium ...

Wembleyyyyyyy ....

Take That !!

the stage ...

Robbie <3

Gallows @ Southend ...

spidery lashes (and a stray wispy bit of hair, grr!)

Pub & Midnight Chinese Feast + Karaoke ...

drowning my sorrows ....

kissing fishes ....

Lotus leaf rice ...

all out food!!

Karaoke .... the boys decided to do NSync - Pop and Bon Jovi's - Shot Thru' The Heart - hilarious!!

So i think this is me up-to-date with my going's on and hopefully explains while I've been gallivanting in any which way other than my blog, haha




  1. aww the kissing fishes are cute!!
    and that fried rice looks yummie!


  2. awww looks like you had a fantastic time. That meal makes me very hungry, it looks amazing. I always keep my tickets too. I keep them all in my special box. x

  3. You've been having too much fun! Jealous!
    I keep all my tickets in an old photo album seemings as I no longer print photos to go in there xx

  4. awwww amazing .. looks fun!!
    definitely following your adventure.
    btw, i am having a giveaway, you might want to join!



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