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Sunday, 10 July 2011

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed how many gigs i've been too recently and how many more i have to keep me busy until the end of the year. I am a huge music fan and there is nothing better than watching a live band. Even if it's not really my cup of tea i still enjoy watching musicians 'work'.

I've been thinking for a while that i wanted to incorporate my love of music into my blog more as music is a big part of my life and makes up a large chunk of my personality. I've decided to do a little trial series and feature my 'Band of the Week' every Sunday. I'm going to try and mix some of my old faves along with new up and coming talent.

Just as i started forming ideas for this post in my brainbox my fave band made a huge annoucement so it really was an easy choice to pick these guys for my first recommendation. So shall I get on and introduce you?! ....

Band of the week #1:


I love Gallows. My top 3 gigs of all time have been Gallows shows and i'm pretty sure their show on 23rd July will trump them all and steal the number 1 spot.

They are a fab mix of rock/punk/hardcore. Listening to them is a great way to de-stress and i know that Benji Madden listens to them when working out *thanks Twitter for that little gem*

I went to see Gallows in Southend on Friday night and was sooo excited alll week :) They always put on an awesome show and Frank Carter is a brilliant frontman.

The venue was small (they prefer to play small, intimate venues and tbh this is the sort of environment where they really excel) and packed to the rafters! As soon as they began playing the crowd went mental and everyone was crowd-surfing and jumping off the pillars at the front of the stage, it was insane! When they played Orchestra of Wolves and In The Belly of a Shark the crowd was sooo loud you couldnt even hear Frank sing!

It was definitely a night to remember. And everyone will remember it for another reason now. It was the night that Frank Carter announced his departure from Gallows and will play his final show with them on 23rd of July :(

I'm a little bit gutted for this as he is absolutely amazing but he will start recording with his new band Pure Love in Septemeber and Gallows will be continuing without him. I am very exciting for their new ventures and am waiting with baited breath to see who will replace him!

I have featured below a video of one of my favourite Gallows songs - London Is The Reason.

If you're a regular follower of my blog you will know of my love for London and this song title has fast become my motto. I was ecstatic to discover at the Southend show that they had London Is The Reason t-shirts - as soon as i spied them i knew one would be mine before the end of the night! Flippin' love it!!

I do hope you will give these guys a listen.

I understand that they are not everyones cup of tea but they are absolutely incredible live! If you ever get a chance to see them in the future please do :)




  1. He's leaving?! What?!
    They're so good live, so much energy, love them :) like the t-shirt too! xxx

  2. Yep :(!/note.php?note_id=10150249357794752

    Yay, another blogger that loves them :)



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