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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Quick OOTD for you from Saturday.

We went to see Gallows for the second time this month and it was Frank Carters last show *big sigh and even bigger sad face*

The gig was awesome! It was super hot, super sweaty and the only alcoholic drink available to me was JD & Coke * oh hai there super cool rock chick, ha *

This is what i wore:

soz, the picture quality is not its best, i blame the photographer * thanks bf! *

Leather jacket - Primark
Grey eagle vest - Primark
Leggings - super old and holey * adds that rockstar edge ;) *
Biker boots - eBay
Tassel bag - New Look

Leopard nails - Barry M's Mushroom
Skull ring - eBay (it broke as i was getting ready :( still wore it though!)

Ok, so something different happened to my hair and i not quite sure what went wrong right.

As usual i backcombed, then sprayed a generous amount of Backcomb in a Bottle and then added Schwarzkopf's Volume powder for added texture and BOOF! my hair exploded in all its former emo glory!

loved it!!

So there we have it! Another quick OOTD with added Hair, Face and Nails of the Day thrown in, ha.

I also picked up a new Gallows tee at the gig but the one i wanted was only available in XL so i purchased in the hope of making this into a funky dress! .... If anyone has any cool (and easy!) ideas how i could go about this then please let me know :):)




  1. Love the outfit, you look fab :).

    Sadie xx


  2. Love the whole outfit and your hair looks amazing!! :-)
    x x

  3. love the outfit, and that ring! x

  4. Your hair looks amazing!
    You do pull off the rock chick look amazingly!

  5. Your hair and eyemakeup look so pretty here!


  6. great look! i would so wear this-i love your tank top! also, i love your hair-i have always wanted my hair to look like that! :)


  7. your hair is crazy good!! make mine stay like that please?

    re/tees, i did some band tee cutting on my blog sometime ago, if you look under outfit posts :D

    yay gallows. gonna miss those boys. SO gutted i missed that last show :'( super sad xx


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