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Sunday, 20 February 2011

In the deep, dark depths of my handbags you will always find these things; screwed up receipts (often months old!), chewing gum covered in hair and grime that have escaped from the packets and an abundance of different lip balms.

The other day while swapping over my handbags i found 3 different lip balms! A Vaseline Lip Therapy pot, a Carmex tube and my new fave Soft Lips - French Vanilla.
The Useful One
Vaseline Lip Therapy - This brand has been in my handbags and makeup drawer for as long as i can remember. Not only does it thoroughly moisturises and soothes dry & chapped lips but this little tin has long featured in all the beauty tips and tricks pages of the glossies (probably since the dawn of time!)
Just some of Vaseline's other uses include: Moisturiser for hands, feet, elbows - any area of dry skin actually!, a thin coat over your eyelashes before bed can over time help with the condition of your lashes and a tiny dollop of Vaseline to tame & smooth frizzy hair and seal split ends.
The Classic

Carmex - I've used Carmex lip balms for about 5 years now. I started off using the little pots but have now switched to tubes due to my nails being longer now and i tend to find i get more Carmex lodged under my nails than actually on my lips!
Carmex has a nice menthol smell to it and gives that nice tingling feel when first applied (i like this as then i can really feel it soaking into my lips), its ultra moisturising and quite frankly looks funky and eye-catching.

This is the first lip balm i recommend to my friends and family when they say they have dry or chapped lips. You can really notice a difference instantly! Carmex now have the Cherry flavour available in the tubes and pots but i have not got on with this.... i think i may be slightly allergic!

The New Fave

Soft Lips - This is my new favourite lip balm! I was looking for something different to try and i absolutely adore anything vanilla flavoured so it seemed a perfect match. It retails at about £3 and comes in a very thin, long stick - unique from other brands. Cute packaging, and has a twisty cap at the bottom of the stick to reveal and hide the balm stick. Really adds moisture to your lips and has a nice sweet smell to it. One thing i have noticed is that i need to apply this balm more often than i would with Vaseline or Carmex (this may be because of the yummy flavouring or the theory i have that lip balm companies add an additive to their products that proves addictive....). I've never used any of the Soft Lips lip balms before but would definately try more after using the French Vanilla flavoured stick.

Anyone else think lip balm companies add something to their products that makes them addictive so we have to keep buying them?

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