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Sunday, 13 February 2011

So here's a little post about the Swag i've picked up this week on my travels.... hadnt been shopping since Christmas so it was a bit of a treat and i definitely over-indulged. Not going to show everything just a selection....

New Outfit for Work

As i spend most of my time at the office and dont go out a whole bunch mid-week i like to look nice for work and experiment with my outfits. Got a fantastic minky-brown sheer blouse with a black velvet heart print and ruffle bib, absolutely love it!
As you can see here i teamed it with cropped peg-leg trousers, pumps and a pale pink belt (which i also picked up during this weeks shopping trip. Added a black cardi as its sleeveless and a bit too cold still to bare arms and layered with a black cami underneath! Top and belt both from Primark.

Make up

I love blush and like to wear a pale pinky-peach colour on the apples of my cheeks and a darker more pink-red colour higher up around my eyes (sounds odd but works well - try it!) Decided to try a Models Own dark pink/red blush for the first time.
Honestly i wasnt too impressed with this blush. It blended well which is something i need when wearing two blushers but it didnt last all day unlike the cheaper brand ive been using recently (Boots 17 - China Pink). Models Own - Cheeky Pink. RRP: £6

Also picked up some gold eye dazzle eyeshadow - been wanting some gold eyeshadow for a while for a new look i'm working on. Golden eyelids with a black smokey eye effect (will post a pic when i've perfected it). Decided to go for a dust type eyeshadow as its easy to blend and layer on - after walking round and round the make-up aisles i eventually opted for 17 - Eye Dazzle in Good As Gold.

I like this one a lot as it can be used for day or night. The pot has a 'pepper pot' top and only a little comes out, ideal for day time wear as your brush isnt too overloaded. It layers and builds well for evening wear and a darker, brighter look. Also blends well. Despite all of this i still prefer Barry M's Dazzle Dusts but they didnt have the shade i wanted when i bought this item. RRP: £2.99

Special Mention

So a special mention today goes out today to Chit Chat - Plump It! Lipgloss which i bought from...... wait for it........... Poundland!! Yep, Poundland have a small selection of make-up. As well as this lipgloss i found some old, discontinued [products by Rimmel, Collection 2000 and W17 but unfortunately didnt have any shades i would wear.... This lipgloss claims to plump your lips and for only £1 i thought it would be worth a test.
Well, i didnt notice a change in my lips but out of all the lipglosses that claim to pump your lips none have worked on me. The Plump It! Lipgloss did however provide a gorgeous clear shine albeit a bit sticky. All in all cant complain for a quid! Looking forward to checking out Poundland again for more beauty bargains!

Have any of you tried any of the make-up available in pound shops?

Like i said at the beginning of this post i got a whole lot more loot most of which i havent tried yet so as and when i do i will update you on what i got and and what i think :)

'Don't be a stranger xoxo'


  1. Cute outfit :) I haven't tried boots's blush, I prefer Bourjois and even Rimmel do some nice colours!

    Come visit my blog too :) xo

  2. Thanks :) and thanks for the tip, i'll have a look next time im out!

    Visited and followed :) xoxo

  3. i really like the blouse - nothing like a good pair of cropped trousers too!



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