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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I have been on a quest for the perfect mascara for as long as i can remember. If i was to create a mascara of my very own it would be ultra pitch black in colour, have a huge curved wand while extending, thickening, and adding volume and curl like a pair of false eyelashes. As you can see I'm expecting a lot from the average high street mascara!

I have stepped up my game recently and went on a bit of a mascara mission and tried out a number of different ones in a small space of time so i thought it would be the ideal time to write my first proper blog post and let you guys know what i think of them.

Top 5 Mascara's:

# 1. Rimmel - Volume Flash the Max Bold Curves - 001 Black

This mascara is my latest buy and in my opinion the closest i can get to ticking off everything of my wish list. Fantastic thick curved wand that gets a good coating of the mascara, fans out and separates the lashes while extending and adding volume. Doesn't flake, goes on super dark even with only one coat, stays put all day. Funky coloured tube - wont get lost in your make-up bag! RRP: £6.99

# 2. Maybelline - Great Lash - Blackest Black
This is an old classic that I've only recently discovered - my gosh! Wish i had found this years ago. Its colour - blackest black is true to its word and comes out nice and dark even with just one coat. It separates and lengthens and gives good coverage even though it only has a small wand. Funky coloured tube and a good price too - RRP is coming in at about £5 but if you're a bargain hunter like me you can pick this up for £2.99 on eBay!

# 3. 17 - Va Va Voom Volume Mascara - Black
Cheap inexpensive product, very good value for money! Really big thick wand, adds a lot of length to lashes and separates as well which you don't always get from the thick bristle wands. Only down sides to this mascara is that it doesn't add a lot of thickness/volume to lashes and its not as black as I'd like but all in all a great find. RRP: £6

# 4. Rimmel - Lash Accelerator - 001 Black
I was a little disappointed with this product but this might be because i fell for the advertising and believed it would make your lashes grow. In my opinion this hasn't worked. The wand was thinner than i had thought it would be but it does separate and adds length to lashes. Again not as black as I'd like but i think we've discovered that i like jet black lashes! I have been using this mascara as a base coat to add a bit of length and separate and then using one of the other ones featured here on top to add volume and definition. RRP: £8.99

# 5. Collection 2000 - Volume Sensation - Ultra Black
I was really disappointed with this mascara. Apart from waterproofs i have purchased in the past this is by far the worst. It does have a nice thick wand which i like and nice bright packaging but that's where the praise stops. When i first went to use this mascara it was sticky and hardly any came out of the tube (maybe i had one from a bad batch?) i had to heat the tube up myself to loosen the contents. The mascara does thicken the lashes but adds no length. The colour states 'Ultra Black' but this was definitely not a dark black. Looking forward to trying out some more Collection 2000 mascaras soon so hope i don't have the same problem! RRP: £4.99

Special Mention:

Maybelline - The Falsies Volume Express - Black Waterproof
I've been using the Maybelline 'Falsies' mascara for almost a year now on and off. It is a decent mascara; it separates and adds length due to the curved wand but it does not thicken enough for my liking so have recently been using it on top of the Rimmel Lash Accelerator. I have found this mascara to flake quite a lot and although it says it is waterproof i have not found this to be true. RRP: £7.99

TIP: I am a huge bargain hunter - if there's a bargain to be had I'll sniff it out! So when there's a new mascara or make-up product that I'd like to try i always check eBay first. I have picked up a few of these much cheaper than on the high street - worth a look :)

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