Happy Halloween!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I was a bit bored on Sunday afternoon so decided to experiment with some spooooky nails that i had seen floating around the Blogasphere.

I used George @ Asda nail polish in Sunset Orange and Models Own nail art pen - pretty happy with how they came out, especially as i'm only going to be wearing them for one day. It has however got me excited for Christmas and i've started thinking of nail art i can do for the festive season! I need to invest in a couple of nail art pens in some Christmassy shades me thinks *trots off to eBay*

These nails (and the pumpkin we made for the reception desk at work) are the only things I've done/am doing for Halloween - i totally feel old as I've been hearing all about your spooky parties and adventures on Twitter and i spent the evening in watching XFactor and How I Met Your Mother!




  1. I love the orange colour of your nails! And the pumpkin is amazing with it's hair!
    I'm like you, feel way too old to celebrate.. but also it's never been a big deal to me! I'm happy to stay in and ignore the doorbell haha.x

  2. Your nails are ace! I've spent the night handing out lollies to the local kids and looking at their cute little outfits :) I'd never noticed Asda did nail polish, looks pretty decent, will have to take a look next time I'm in x

  3. Your nails look lovely! Unfortunately Im not allowed to paint them very often because of work ): I love your pumpkin, totally crazy! :D xoxo


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