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Monday, 17 October 2011

A while back i was searching eBay for Christmas gift ideas when i found a seller who sold handmade bath bombs with many gorgeous 'flavours'. I decided to place an order and give these beauts a try to see how they compared with bath-ballistic giants Lush.

I opted for 6 fizzing bath bombs in total:

...  how cute is the packaging they arrived in!!? Just like a little treasure chest :)

(L)  Apple pie & custard (R) Banoffee Pie

(L) Romance (R) Pink Sparkle

(L) Christmas Pudding (R) Hawaiian (i think...) 

Look at the size of them, they're huge!

Once plopped in the bath these balls bubbled and fizzed really well (although towards the end they did need a helping hand).

I got an unpleasant surprise from the Romance bomb - released from this ball was hundreds of bits of dried flowers and twig-like foliage. To some this may be nice and add to the relaxing aura but for me it was mulchy and i spent an age fishing out all the little bits from around the bath once the water had drained!

All the scents smelt amazing! Especially the Christmas Pudding flavour and how cute does it look!

The one thing about this particular bath bomb was that it left the water a scary blood/rust colour ...

... argh!!? ...

My favourite was the Pink Sparkle as it exploded with glitter - absolutely gutted i didn't get any pictures of this one (but I'm sure you've all seen similar by the likes of Lush)

Unfortunately i can no longer find the seller on eBay to link you guys to them but I've had a quick search round and there's hundreds of homemade bath bombs on there with so many gorgeous scents! I'd love to try handmade soaps next :)

Have you tried any other brands of bath bombs? How did they fair compared to Lush?




  1. Don't think I fancy bathing in dried flowers, I bet they'd get everywhere!

    I meant stuck in hair/ears but this can be perceived as quite rude!


  2. I wasnt impressed with the dried flowers - they were slimey (just like autumn leaves when wet!) and a pain to get out the bath.

    Luckily there were no unfortunate incidents of them getting in my ears - i would of freaked!


  3. The bombs look really cute but don't think I fancy my chances bathing in dried flowers - knowing my luck they'd get stuck to me lol!

    I've tried out Bomb Cosmetics (http://www.bombcosmetics.co.uk) which were really nice but I think I'll always love Lush!


  4. This makes me want a bath now..! And I don't have baths! (by the way this doesn't mean I don't wash LOL!)x

  5. I bought some homemade bath bombs from a market on the weekend for Christmas presents, they came in a little gift set with handmade soap too x

  6. I don't think I would have liked lots of bits of plants in my bath either. They look really nice tho! xx

  7. Like the idea of supporting hand craft-manship! but twigs iwww. Christmas pudding one sounds like a cute idea!


  8. Oh these look great! I know what you mean about the foliage in the bath... sitting on those little bits is not relaxing!


  9. I've never tried bath bombs before do they actually explode in the tub or do they just sort of dissolve? I know that may seem like a dumb question. Anyway I think I should go out and buy one so I could try it out.
    Farrah's Muse


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