Bee's Knees!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

During a rare weekday off from work i decided that i would check out the local mall for any treasures that might be floating about rather than battling the weekend crowds.

I had some leftover vouchers and wanted to pick up some pretty summer clothes to put away totally wear now *cough* for my holiday. Unfortunately there was nothing - i was super disappointed so to cheer myself up i decided to plod along to Boots and rummage around in there where i was guaranteed to pick up some little treats.

In my basket you would have found: the Maybelline Gel liner (review coming soon), the Mothers Day gift i've got mummy and two lip balms; Burt's Bee's Beeswax Lipbalm and Blistex's Lip Massage. both of which i will be reviewing for you today.

Burt's Bee's Beeswax Lip Balm

This is my first ever Burt's Bee's product! Shocking. I have purchased BB products in the past but as gifts for my mum who absolutely adores their stuff!! Anyways, i was experiencing quite dry lips and was bored of using Vaseline and my devoted Carmex tube which was almost all gone so decided to change it up a bit and boy! was i glad :)

Like Carmex this balm provides you with a tingly feeling when first applied - i like this in a product because its almost as if you can feel it working! Another plus point is that it lets off a pepperminty taste/smell when applied and i was not expecting this. For some reason i had got it into my head that it would be a honey taste (probably cos of the bee's!) Silly me!! haha.

So we've got tingly feeling, CHECK! Peppermint taste, CHECK! What else have we got? Hmmm... Ah yes, Burt's Bee's products are totally organic which is great as you don't have to worry about what's gone into the product and what's going onto your lips (and into your body if, like me, you are forever licking off the peppermint goodness!)

I love this balm for all of the reasons above and also because above all it is ultra moisturising which is what i was looking for all along!

Blistex Lip Massage

I also picked up this little gem! I've never used a Blistex lipbalm before (i've always just associated them with the cream for cold sores) so when i saw they had a whole range of lipbalms i was definitely intrigued and thought it was my duty to give them a whirl!

As i had already picked up the Burt's Bee's product i thought i'd try something slightly different so went with the Lip Massage balm.

Such a nifty little invention! The tube has this cool massaging tip that you gently massage over your lips and it will leave them smooth and soft. Ideal for when you have dry, flaky lips.

This product is also ultra moisturising and i have been using it first thing in the mornings while i'm getting ready. Its great as it removes any dead/dry skin and acts as a great primer for your lipstick. Perfect!

Have you tried any of these? What is your lip care routine?



  1. You know, you might have a point there, I didn't even think that it could have been the stylists doing. Plus it explains why they are impossible to find. I've been searching ebay for spikey spikes for ages, but can only seem to find the flat triangular spikes, but I search search search. Thanks doll x

  2. La verdad es que no los conozco, pero después de tus buenos consejos será cuestión de probar...Besos Marcela.

  3. Kirsti, siento que no entendieras mi comentario...Me gusta tu blog y tus consejos...Hay veces que los traductores no traducen bien lo dicho. Mis puertas siempre estarán abiertas....

  4. I love Burt's Bees lipablm! Currently using the pomegranate version and it's yummy x


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