Collection 2000 Cream Puff

Sunday, 6 November 2011

I seem to have developed a penchant for lip products!

I seem to own more lipsticks/glosses/balms than any other product and not quite sure where or when this obsession started :/ ... Moving on ....

Let me introduce Collection 2000's Cream Puff in Cotton Candy. This lip cream has been allll over the blogging world for a couple of months now so I'm sure you've all seen it before but here's my take on it ...

Cream Puff is quite a new concept to me ... a lip product in a tube like lipgloss but with a matt finish :/ it confuzzled my brain for a couple of seconds let me tell you, ha. I was intrigued and had to give it a whirl. I opted for the Cotton Candy colour as it is a natural pinky shade and suits my colouring better than the other 3 shades.

The packaging is nice, simple and neat. The tube colouring matches the colour of the product depending on which shade you have chosen, nice touch! Cream Puff has a simple velvety matt black handle/lid for the wand. The wand itself is a doe foot shape and is quite short in length.

The tubing reads "Velvety soft, matt finish lip cream" - Cream Puff is really soft upon application and has a sweet slightly vanilla-ry taste to it, mmm. I was quite worried about the matt finish as i have fairly dry lips but i apply a slick of lip balm (Burt's Bee's in case you were wondering) before wearing Cream Puff and it works well for me. It has a fairly powdery finish and is highly pigmented.

Funny story: the first time i wore this lip product was when i was popping to the shops and taking my car in for its MOT. I had to get up early and leave the bf in bed so was trying to apply a bit of make-up in his dark room and just slapped this on, got in the car and drove off. It wasn't until i got the the garage that i realised how pigmented this product was and how bright my lips looked for 9am! Statement lips anyone?! Haha.

I find it doesn't dry my lips out more which is a plus and fades well leaving an even stain on the lips. I would say lasting time is around 3-4 hours before reapplication is required.

I really like this product as it's easy to wear and ideal for daytime. I find myself wearing this shade to work quite regularly or if I'm popping out to the shops on the weekends.

One fear i do have for this product is that because it has a fairly dry consistency i worry that it will dry up and be difficult to get out of the tube.

RRP: £2.99 and is available in Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets.

What are your views on this product? Any other brands selling something similar?




  1. I reviewed two of the other shades on my blog yesterday and I love them. I didn't pick this shade as it wasn't really me, but it really suits you!

  2. The shade looks really lovely against your skin tone, I think I might have to make a sneaky before christmas purchase

  3. Ohhh I keep seeing these reviewed, they look great and so affordable! Nothing wrong with some statement lips of a morning ;)

  4. This looks really lovely! I surprised by how affordable they are aswell! Must make sure I try one out :)

  5. this looks really good on your lips!

  6. Such a lovely colour and great for only £2.99! I'm definitely going to have a closer look at them next time I'm in Boots :) xx


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