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Monday, 28 March 2011

Today i'm reviewing Soap & Glory's Clean, Girls - Skin, Softening Creamy Body Wash. I've been using this a couple of times a week since i got it for Christmas and the first thing about this product i'd like to point out is that i have only used a quarter of the 500ml bottle so a little really does go a long way :)

The lovely tall bottle features Soap & Glory's signature pink retro packaging and has a squirty pump nozzle.

The body wash is a gorgeous white/creamy colour with a pearlescent edge and smells absolutely divine! It is scented with my favourite 'Mist You Madly' fragrance (see previous post here). It lathers up really well and creates a whole bunch of luxurious bubbles.

Another great feature is that it has a 'built-in moisturising maxtrix' (whatever that is!?) which means that after using this wash you can skip moisturising after bathing if you wish. I'm pretty lazy and hardly ever moisturise my body after showering so this gets a big thumbs up from me! My skin does feel soft after use and the scent isn't strong but does linger on your skin throughout the day (if you team it with the Mist You Madly body spray then you can pro-long the gorgeous fragrance!)

You can pick this up in Boots or online for £5.50 for 500ml (remember it lasts a long time so the price is worth it!)

I've just finished browsing the Soap & Glory website and am now lusting after 'Wish Upon A Jar' - 21 Day Collagen Overhaul Cream.

What are you guys lusting over at the mo?



  1. I've been using this too, got a load of soap and glory stuff on offer just before christmas and have only just started to use it. Have you tried their Breakfast Scrub? a-maz-ing


  2. Thats on my wishlist! I'm overflowing with bath & skin products atm so trying to use up what i have before buying more :(

    I hear theres a S&G sale on though in Boots so will definitely be checking that out on my day off :)


  3. Soap & Glory pieces are great suitable for my skin! I also adore Daily Care Face Wash by Organic Surge
    This week presented at BROODON on a competitive basis (given away for a registration!)
    Should definitely try it! :)


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