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Friday, 30 November 2012

Two nights ago, with the boyfriend at the pub i run myself a steaming hot bath, lit some new winter scented candles and let off a Butterball bath bomb into the bath. It was the most delightful bath EVER!!

Butterball has a heavenly vanilla scent, and silky soft moisturising cocoa butter chunks infused within it.

Mine fizzed and dissolved quickly but didn't leave any bubbles. I wondered if this is because i had this bath bomb for about 6 months or more but forgot about it during busy times and moving, etc. This is the second Butterball I've used and cant remember whether the first one let off any bubbles either - anyone know?

The scent is long lasting which i love and my skin feels thoroughly replenished after use. One note, it does leave a greasy residue around the bath afterwards so best to give the bath a quick wipe over when you get out.

I absolutely adore this product, i think this is actually my favourite Lush product! It is also a steal at just £2.45 :)

What's your favourite Lush product?



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