Finally mastered the art of false eyelashes ... *Eylure Review*

Sunday, 19 June 2011

I am so jealous of the girlies out there who can just slap on the false eyelashes at the drop of a hat! You'll find me huddled around a selection of different mirrors with spidery lashes slipping and sliding across my face and only fixing to the middle of my lash line :(

I was despairing at my idiocy with fake eyelashes and after trying different types (and wasting many in a fit of rage blackouts) I went trotting along to Boots in a quest to conquer the art of full and fluttering eyelashes!

I was greeted with a wide selection - i have a nice big Boots local to me :) and was pleased to find Eylure lashes on offer (3 for 2) so picked up a great collection to start me off.

On Saturday we were having a birthday BBQ for the bf and then heading out to watch our friends band play so i decided this would be my ideal chance to try and pull off gorgeous glam lashes so without further a-do lets get on with the review ...

Eylure Ready to Wear lashes - 070:

I took the easy route and went for pre-glued lashes. I thought this would give me time to make sure they are securely fixed to my lashline and in the right position without having to fiddle around with glue and getting in a sticky-icky mess. This turned out to be a wise choice :)

The lashes were easy to apply and i didn't need to cut them down to size. Looking back now i would maybe trim them ever so slightly before my next wear but i mean taking off a minuscule amount!

I lined the false set of lashes up against my lashline and teased into place. I then applied a little pressure to the corners of the lashes for about 10 seconds with the handles from my tweezers to make sure they were on securely (i really didn't want to find spidery lashes in my burger or drink later in the day!)

And tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kirsti can now wear false eyelashes :) :) i am so pleased and i think they looked fab!

next time i'll need to fill in my eyeliner a bit better but apart from that ....

They stayed on all day/night (roughly 12 hours) and didn't irritate my eyes at all. The only downside i encountered was that the inside corner of my left lash wasn't as sticky as the rest of the lashes so did come unstuck slightly but i just applied a bit of pressure with the tweezers again and all was fine :)

These lashes come with a spare glue strip so i can see these lasting me quite a while and the instruction and care leaflet is a great easy to follow guide.

Eylure lashes retail at around £5.19 (in Boots) and are currently on 3 for 2. I picked up another set from the 'Ready to Wear' pre-glued range (116) which are slightly more fuller and also a set of the Naturalites Natural Volume (020) which are nice and subtle.

Have you tried the Ready to Wear Eylure range? Are you a dab hand at falsies or totally incompetent like me?




  1. Glad to hear they lasted, they look great!
    I too conquered them last night! I'm not gonna lie, it did take me about an hour to apply them but I got there in the end and they stayed all night - yay!!! xx

  2. They look great, I haven't tried false lashes yet but want too :-) x

  3. that is soo pretty! :) i can't seem to put it on properly haha i don't have the patience to learn it at this time


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