Saturday, 16 March 2013

After careful deliberation and being on and off hiatus for just over a year i have decided to take this blog forward in a slightly new direction.
That can only mean one thing! ... A MAKEOVER!!
So tadaa!! Welcome to my all new blog!
Apart from the visual aesthetics of my blog undergoing a makeover (thanks to the very talented Kayla) i have also renamed my blog to fall in line with my new craft store.
Kirsti @ the Notebook is now ... and pictures on my wall.
Since fleeing the family nest and moving in with my boyfriend, fashion and beauty has taken a back seat. I am still very much interested in these things and am still reading your blogs daily but for me personally my priorities have changed. I have taken on the role of housewife (while still working a 9-5!) and am relishing my new role. I’ve learnt to cook! I DIY (well, i DIY’d before as my full-time job requires these skillz) and am a proud step-mummy. I find myself reading home decor magazines and searching for new recipes rather than picking up a gossip mag or trying to hunt down the latest MAC collection.
So with that in mind i have decided to move forward with a more lifestyle & home based blog (while incorporating some of the ol’ favourites like reviews, DIY/handmade projects, etc). I will also be using this space to showcase some of my crafty wares that i recently launched.
I would love to hear from you - I’m looking for feedback on my craft items, guest bloggers (whether it be showcasing your handmade items, recipes, DIY skillz, etc) and general chit chat about what content you’d love to see around here now on 'and pictures on my wall'.

I'm sure you've all heard by now but Google Friend Connect is departing us and while I'm a little annoyed about this I have embraced some new tools to help you guys follow me easily so you don't miss any of my updates!

You can follow me via Bloglovin' (don't forget you can import all of the blogs you follow on GFC by going to this link!), Hellocotton and NetworkedBlogs. You can also find the easy 'Follow me' icons down the left-hand side of my blog!
I do hope my you stay around and join me on this new journey, take care for now ...

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