Upcycled Noticeboard

Sunday, 31 March 2013


Aloha! So last Friday on my first day off from work I decided to deep spring clean the kitchen! Cray cray, right!? While tidying up the dumping corner I rediscovered my whiteboard behind a million papers and cook books looking rather sorry for itself - I decided to rehome it and give it a sparkling makeover :)
I took it up to my craft room and raided my drawer of Washi tapes (seriously, you NEED washi tape in your life!!) and within 5 minutes I had recovered the bland wooden frame and turned the noticeboard into a cute shabby chic floral masterpiece.
I also gave it a brand new home within our kitchen! Previously it had just been propped up against the wall on the work surface and would either keep sliding down or get hidden behind junk. I used a set of Command Strips and pinned it to the side of our fridge - ideal to keep track of meal plans and add to a shopping list while we're rifling through.
And voila! a very inexpensive way to upcycle a dull noticeboard.
What's the best use you've found for Washi tape?

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