Eat Clean 2016! #2

Sunday, 17 January 2016

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the meals I had cooked so far during 2016 beginning my Eat Clean journey (well for this year at least).

I'm pleased to say that I am still going strong and have flourished with the aid of some new cookbooks and inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram.

I'm thoroughly enjoy cooking and testing out new recipes that are both healthy and nutritious is spurring me on (plus the extra energy from eating well!)

Below are pictures taken from my Instagram account where I try to post all my meals daily - I'm going to try and tie the pictures up with a blog post recipe soon so watch this space!!

. Meal Prep - egg muffins . Chicken and cashew stir fry . Turkey meatballs with tagliatelle . Chicken and Quinoa salad .
. Overnight Oats Smoothie . Cheesy Chicken and Chorizo with Spinach . Wrapless burrito . Scrambled egg, avocado, plum tomatoes .

I struggle with breakfast ideas and ideally would like things I can pack and take to work with me so any suggestions would be fab! I tend to be having Overnight Oat smoothies 3 times a week and forcing myself up early 2 days during the working week to make some eggs to mix things up a bit!

Recipes coming soon but if there is anything you've seen that you want me to prioritize just let me know in the comments below and I'll get them up asap!

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