Do you believe in Magic?! *Barry M Lip Paint Review*

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Who'd have thought i'd ever buy a GREEN lipstick!!?

I recently received Barry M's catalogue in the post and while excitedly flicking through the glossy pages i spied this - Touch of Magic Lip Paint and here's how Barry himself describes it:

"A green lipstick that turns pink! The natural alkali level of your lips will determine just how pale or rich the shade of pink will be. A perfect long-lasting lip paint that's waterproof for day long wear."

I love a gimmick and totally knew i had to try this! Ive had it in my watched items on eBay for a couple of weeks but have never checked out. Today while in Boots curiosity got the better of me and i tossed it into my basket :)

(By the way have you seen my eBay listing tab above - i list new stuff every week so check it out for some bargains!)

Anyways, lets get on with the review....

First up is the packaging. I havent bought any of the Barry M Lip Paints before, actually i  have never given them so much as a glance! so i was really impressed with the sleek black casing and secure lid. Reminds me of both MAC and Sleek lip products.

The garish green of the lipstick bullet is very off-putting - reminds me of Halloween and witches! When swatched it first came out clear *surprising, no?!* and the colour slowly develops into a sweet pink shade (when swatched on my skin the colour is much softer than on my lips)

I love both the 'reveal' colours. I adore the cute light pink colouring on my skin and would be very happy with a lip colour in that shade. I am equally as pleased with the outcome when used on my lips - its a rich berry pink colour which i have recently come to learn is my most suited shade of pink.

excuse the hair - i was lounging in bed while the bf played games

The Lip Paint slicks on well with ease and is very long-lasting. I also found this fairly moisturising (i have a real problem with lipsticks drying out my lips and leaving me with flaky colouring, boo)

I also put on a dab of concealer onto my lips and then tried it out to see if the colour differs and the result was as predicted a slightly lighter pink although this didnt last long and the colour drifted back to the berry shade.

slightly lighter shade of pink :)

I have come across a couple of downsides to this product unfortunately. Firstly is that the colour smudges very easily and is extremely difficult to remove - you may see in my photos the smudging around my lips, it looks like ive been drinking cherryade and have a cherry moustache! Not a good look. Secondly is the smell/taste. It reminds me of the cheap lipsticks you used to buy as a kid/tween - quite plasticy.

Overall i am very pleased with this product and think i'll get a lot of use out of it. I love the idea of colour change product and hope to see more like these in the future. Plus for £4.49 its a bargain.

Next on my Barry M Lip Paint wishlist is Pink Glitter :)



  1. I love this idea :)My lips get a bit dry after applying lipstick so I'll have to try this .

  2. what an awesome product - I am a Barry M devotee so will def be giving this a try.
    Awesome blog - am now a follower :o) x

    Please check mine out if you have 5 mins:

  3. That is fab, I need to try it! I love things like that, I love the idea of the look on my friends faces when I casually apply green lipstick haha Xx

  4. I know, i cant wait to take it into work and start applying it in the office!

    Its so incredibly long-lasting too. I applied late last night to show my mum what it was all about and there was still a bright pink stain on my lips when i got up this morning! ha.


  5. I love it also! Who'd have thought a 'Green' lipstick would be one of my fave lip products! (: xo

  6. I thought it was a green lipstick:D

  7. Haha, we used to be able to get these at the $2 shop here. It always looks so scary when you first try it, because you think it actually is going to be green!

  8. Words can not express how much I want to try this, I Love Bary M, they're so innovative! Great review!

  9. I didn't realise it was that cheap, i was in boots aswell today and didn't get it : (


  10. Woahh this lipstick is amazing! How smart :) Its a lovely colour on you.
    Thank you for following me on my blog, i am following you too now x

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