OOTN - Coral Jeans - Colour Blocking Trend

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hey girlies, hope y'all having a fabulous weekend. I havent got up to a whole bunch (which is bank-balance friendly!) but a little dull as i dont have many stories for you!

I did however pop to the local last night for a quick drink with the bf and some friends. Lots of discussions took place about our upcoming trip to Download Festival; food and drink being of main concern. I'm thinking of doing my ultimate festival survival guide before i go (i've had to compile one for some of the girls at work who are going to their first ever festival this year!) there's alot of these type of posts floating around at the mo so i'm not sure whether y'all need another one or not?! Hmmm...

Anyways, now onto my OOTN from last night's pub shenanigans:

... sorry the pics arent the best, the bf didnt want to take them and then i didnt want to pose with him being grumpy n all :/ lol ...

New boots - look pretty but gave me awful blisters on the balls of my feet and i have been hobbling around like an invalid alllll day :(

Leather studded jacket: sooo old!
Pale pink vest top: Primark
Feather necklaces: Primark
Coral Jeans: eBay shop
Fur Lined Buckle boots: eBay shop

What are your fave colour-blocking items? Have you got any deadly shoes that you repeatedly wear even though they kill?!




  1. ah kirsti you make these look so good. not sure i could carry off coral jeans as well as you do! love it xxx

  2. These look really great on you!

  3. They look really pretty, and I've got some boots similar from River Island and they murder my feet slowly and painfully too!


  4. I love your jacket, it's gorgeous! x

  5. I love these trousers they really suit you and look great contrasted with the white top. I've got some similar boots from River Island too and at first I thought they were really comfy, then I wore them for about three hours on a night out and my feet felt like they were being murdered! Such a shame! I hope with a bit more wear both yours and mine aren't quite as painful! x

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

    @Jasmin - im hoping to get some of those gel pads and see if they help, they've worked for me in other shoes :)


  7. Loving the boots! Nice pics, and your hair looks amazing!

  8. Yaaaaay! The long-awaited coral jeans! I love :) xxx


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