3 Ways to Style ... A Lace Shift dress

Friday, 19 August 2011

Take one simple shift dress, add a few accessories, a jacket or some knee high socks and voila! instantly updated outfits :)

I worry about wearing cream/white/pastel shades as I'm always expecting some drunken fool to spill berry coloured drinks over me or for some slimey child to rub crusty Wotsit fingers along my hemlines - so as much as i love this dress i haven't had a chance been too afraid to wear it yet :(

Today I'm going to show you my gorgeous cream lace shift dress that i bought a couple of months ago and three ways to wear it:

High Summer:


excuse my paleness - no sun = no excuse to fake tan

plain and simple - just chuck on a bangle and some sandals and you're good to go ...

Autumnal Day:

add some chunky knee-high socks when the weather turns chilly ...

Chilling Winter Evening:

teamed with my trusty leather jacket and thick black tights for Winter-chic ...

Dorothy Perkins - £10 (sale)

So there we have it ... 3 Ways to Style: A Lace Shift Dress.

How would you wear this dress?




  1. you look lovely - the bow on the dress is cute! x

  2. Cute dress! Definitely love how you've styled it with the black tights and leather jacket - that's my favourite!


  3. That dress is soo gorgeous!

    Lucy xx

  4. Love all three, but the last has to be my fave because I'm a hermit and love the cold.
    Your Wotsit comment made me laugh - aren't they the most disgusting things? The smell alone makes me gag.

  5. I can't believe that dress was only £10! I love it!

    All three looks are gorgeous, fab post!


  6. Lovely ´dress! I love it with the knee highs :)

    check out my blog, please xx



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