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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hi dolls!

Was searching through some pictures on my laptop the other night and found a couple of quick photo's i had taken for NOTD's but never got round to posting and/or weren't quite good enough for a whole dedicated post.

First up is a leopard nail art look:

I decided to try something a bit different from my trusty gold/peach look which i actually don quite regularly now. Unfortunately i wasn't too keen, plus the grey polish i used had gone a bit funny and chipped horrifically within about 10 hours! *big sad face*

I'm gonna give the leopard nail art another go with some other colour combinations - what do you recommend?


I totally adore the silver polish (so glittery!) from ELF but the jury's still out on the dark blue/black from George @ Asda. I'm thinking i shoulda put a bit of nail art (polka dots or the like) on the nails somewhere as it looks a bit odd, no??

So there we have it,  a couple of NOTD's that didn't quite make the cut but i thought I'd give you a little sneak peak before they're hidden in the depths of the numerous photo album's on my laptop.

What do you think of these? Would you like to see more nail posts on The Notebook?




  1. Both of these are so pretty!

    I love the leopard print one especially :) xx

  2. Love the leopard print, I do it myself.
    Lucy x

  3. The leopard print is so cute! Did a bit brighter version of it myself :D xx

  4. Ooh I have lots of recommendations for leopard combinations... magenta glitter or shimmer polish with gold and aqua type colour spots, purple with yellow or green spots, green with purple spots, teal with nude spots, silver with nude spots, turquoise with lilac spots... etc :P xxx (yours look lovely btw):) xxx

  5. love the silver one looks awesome:)


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