Lets Get Glossy Part 1 ...

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Today i have for you a the first installment of a two part special on George @ Asda Get Glossy lipglosses.

I popped into Asda the other weekend while needing to find something for my tea and instead of heading straight to the food my first stop was the make-up aisle! I love checking out the George make-up range as they often have great deals and offers going on.

I picked up two of the Get Glossy lipglosses in Goddess and Grrrrrrr which i will be showing you over the next couple of days (be sure to check back for Part 2!) and more of the nail polishes (I'm obsessed with them - and why not for just £1.75!!)

First up we have Grrrrrrrr - a gorgeous shimmery coral colour.

I was a bit dubious of the George lipglosses as they are only £2 and i thought they'd have that horrible plasticy taste/smell and be super sticky icky so that half your hair sticks to your lip leaving you with an eccentric looking moustache!. Thankfully that is not the case. There is no foul taste or over-powering smell nor are they ultra gooey.

I did find the colour came out rather sheer but left a nice subtle glow on the lips and they did look super shiny and glossy!

Get Glossy lipglosses do have real staying power - the shine lasts a very long time however there isn't much colour going on after say half hour :( so it turns into more of a clear gloss which would work great over a coral lipstick.

The packaging for these lipglosses is nice and sleek. A clear tube showing the colouring of the product and a sleek black lid, pretty G design and black wording. The wand is nice and sturdy and applies the product with ease.

Overall the value for money is quite good for just £2 a pop but i probably wouldn't repurchase purely because they aren't highly pigmented.

Be sure to check back for Part 2 where i will be reviewing Goddess!

Have you tried any of the George make-up range?




  1. The packaging really reminds me of Benefit glosses! xx

  2. oh wow this looks very similar to the benefit lipglosses. well the packaging

  3. The similarity to benefit is brilliant :)!

    I've always wanted to see how good the Geaorge glosses were, so can i just say thank-you for checking it out :)

    Also, I want to say how much i adore your blog! I'm so glad a stumbled across it, and i can't wait to read more. Your honest, warm and refreshing :)!

    P.s If you get a spare mo., do you reckon you could take a peek at my blog? Any opinion/thoughts from such a pro like you would be really appreciated :) !
    love Romes xx

  4. Thats such a pretty natural colour... may have to buy that hehe xx

  5. They don't sell George Make-up in Spain, so I didn't have the chance to try it. That shade is so pretty.x


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