Kiss Ever EZ Lashes *Review*

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The beautiful and generous Zoe from The London Lipgloss kindly sent me some KISS Ever EZ false eyelashes to try out which was impeccable timing as i had just killed off my pre-glued Eylure set the night before!

These lashes boast the 'Easy Place Strings' which claim to make application 5 times faster and easier.

I simply applied the glue to the lash band and left for about 1 minute so that the glue was tacky and the lashes were easily teased into place on my lashline. The strings were a nice little bonus feature that helped steady my application when first lining up the falsies into my desired position.

I then left for a further minute for the glue to dry properly and then went about removing the strings. I did find i had to tug a bit at the strings to remove them but this could be my poor glue applying skills sticking them to the lash band ...

... had to post this picture, i look like one of those bugs with the long antenna's! LOL.

I was sent style 07 which are gorgeous, full and fluttery - they are much more dramatic and prominent than my previous set of lashes but once on i didn't even notice the length and the finished look was exactly what i had hoped for :)

The KISS lashes lasted all night (i had them on for about 8 hours and the glue tube claims its stickiness will last up to 16 hours). I even had to give them a little pull to remove them from the inner corners!

One down side i did find with the KISS Ever EZ Lashes is that they were a little scratchy and made the corners of my eyes itch but in hindsight i think i will trim them down a smidge and see if this relieves the matter on my next usage.

Overall i was very impressed with the KISS false eyelashes and particularly the lasting power of the glue! I would definitely look to try out other styles of KISS lashes in the future :)

KISS Ever EZ Lashes are available to buy online in various outlets or in Boots stores across the UK. RRP: £6.50

Have you tried out the KISS Ever EZ lashes with the string application? What are your thoughts?




  1. I've never heard of these! They seem like such a good idea, I am terrible at putting on lashes! They look great on you xx

  2. These look great, I can't wait to try mine!
    Love the photo with the strings! xx

  3. id really like some of these but my eyes are really short (like the length?) and have to trim all eyelashes down alot, so i'd end up with only one string which certainly wouldn't be good!

  4. These eyelahes look amazing.. Im pretty crappy at applying lashes so these ones may be the perfect ones for me :)

    Much Love H

  5. LOVE the look of these lashes! Definitely going to have to try them for myself xx

  6. love the end result from these lashes!

    your blog is lovely :)


  7. have never tried these before! but they look lovely on you! will definitely have to get some. xx

  8. Eyelashes look AMAZING and really easy to apply. I haven't had much luck with fake eyelashes because of my sensitive eyes but I'm going to give these a go soon. xx

  9. they are gorgeous and make your eyes infinitely more dramatic and perhaps even flirtier too!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    playing an impostor

  10. I heard about these and wanted to try them but my local boots don't sell them. Thanks for posting this review, definitely need some more as I have killed my others with over gluing. Can't wait to meet you at ldnbloggersmeet :) x

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