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Friday, 30 September 2011

I'm really excited to show you what I've done ...

I'm wearing false nails for the first time EVER!! Can you believe?! Haha.

As soon as i saw these Paris Hilton by Elegant Touch falsies i knew I'd have to give in to false nails. I first saw these in Tesco's while on my lunch break and ooh'd and aah'd over them for a further TWO months before finally caving and purchasing them.

before ...

I have quite weak nails that are prone to splitting, I also have quite a hands-on job at times so my nails are always getting caught on things. For these reasons i never wanted to try falsies as i thought a) they would make my poorly nails even worse and b) they wouldn't last long and just rip off while working.

One top reason that helped make up my mind about buying these nails was the introduction of Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs that claim they 'will not damage natural nails!' (Super sticky, clear stickers that lay on top of your natural nails and you simply push the fake nail on top of that - no glue!)

I have to admit the Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs were really fiddly to apply - as mentioned above they are super sticky - great for holding the false nails but i got myself into a bit of a muddle so the tabs did not end up neat at all! I was a bit worried this would muck up the application of the nails but it all turned out ok, phew! (I should've snapped some pictures of this but by this point i just wanted to speed through the rest of the process as i was getting flustered, ha)

The nails in question are called 'Party Girl' and they are super cute clear nails with black, gold glitter and grey 'slicks' in one corner and a super emo star outline in the other. So me!!

Overall i was really impressed with these nails and the little adhesive tabs - i especially like that by using the adhesive tabs i can reuse the false nails again and again - bargain alert!

Paris Hilton by Elegant Touch false nails retail at £6 and can be found in Tesco's, eBay and various online outlets.

What do you think of my first foray into false nails? Have you tried these or the Nailene tabs?




  1. Wow! These look really natural and I adore the design on them aswell! I really like them :)

  2. THAT IS SO CUTE!!!! and looks natural :D

  3. these look amazing & not false at all. will be keeping my eyes peeled for these! x

  4. These look fab, I'm the same as you though I don't tend to do false nails x


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