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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The lovely Rosie @ The Budget Beauty Book has awarded me with the Best Blog Award - thankyou so much!

I love Rosie's blog - she's a girl after my own heart with her barginous ways and creative, DIY items :)

The rules:

1. Answer the following questions ...

2. Mention and link who passed you the award ...

3. Share 7 facts about yourself ...

4. Award 15 blogs ...

The questions:

What is your favourite colour? Black/Grey

What is your favourite song? Right now; 'I Still Believe' - Frank Turner

What is your favourite dessert? Chocolate sponge with chocolate custard

What's pissing you off? Facebook - so much so I'm seriously considering disabling mine for a while

When you're upset you ... Listen to Gallows

Black or white? Black

Biggest fear? Sequins!

Your best feature? Eyes

Everyday attitude ... Glass half-full ...

What is perfection? Shantel Vansanten - stunning!

Guilty pleasure ... Towie, Keeping Up With The Kardashians ...

7 random facts about me ...

1. I feel naked without my biker boots and leather jacket :(
2. I enjoy an afternoon nap on a Saturday
3. I rarely eat breakfast 
4. I dream of owning a Chanel bag - I'm planning on how i can save up for one while moving out at the same time :/
5. I've already found my wedding dress and I'm not even engaged!
6. I hate big dogs!
7. I haven't dyed my hair since July! *Thank god for John Frieda's Go Blonder products*

Passing on the award to ...

All my followers - send me the link to your posts as I'm nosey and want to see all your answers :)

Thanks again to Rosie - you have to check out her blog :)




  1. Nice, you should post a pic of your picked out wedding dress :)
    here's my link to this post:


  2. Uggggghhhhhhh, Frank Turner. The people I would trample to squeeze his wee face...


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