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Sunday, 3 April 2011

I have recently been testing out these delightful bath gel's by Jelly Belly ...

They come in 3 divine flavours; Raspberry, Blueberry and Strawberry Jam. I was really excited to try the Blueberry bath gel as i have previously owned the 3D Air Freshener and my car smelt like blueberry muffins for a month!!

Blueberry actually turned out to be the flavour i liked the least :( it smelt gorgeous in the bottle but lost all its blueberry goodness once hitting the water. This also happened with the Raspberry flavour; slightly disappointing, no?!

The stand out item from this gift-set was the Strawberry Jam bath gel. It smelt exactly like strawberry jam and the scent lasted well throughout the bath :) It was so yummy smelling that i was totally tempted on more than one occasion to lick it but resisted the urge... (do you ever get that with food smelling bath/skin products?!)

The gel was a really thick consistency, very much like jelly cubes and lathered up quickly once you've swooshed the gel around in the water. There were plenty of bubbles which lasted with minimal melting.

I picked up this gift-set in the ASOS sale on Boxing Day and have finally used up the last little drop! I actually saw these on sale in Debenhams on Friday so snap them up quick!

Have you seen the Jelly Belly lip balms? I really want to try them :)

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  1. Strawberry jam sounds so yummy.I love taking baths and having strawberry smelling water sounds lovely :)

  2. I've heard they do a candy floss/bubblegum bath gel which i'm on a mission to find!!

    My new fave scent for the bath is coconut!



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