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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Just a quick OOTD from yesterday ...

We spent the afternoon sitting in the park with some games and a picnic where i was originally wearing a pale pink baggy vest and beige shorts but the wind was sooo cold that i had to change before we went for a BBQ :(

I threw on this baggy biscuit coloured jumper that i picked up in the sale @ Primark - Oxford St last week for a fiver ... bargain!! I love it, so easy to wear. I teamed it with leggings and a pair of trainers for a casual look.

Accessories-wise i wore my most favourite items at the moment!! A black dreamcatcher/feather necklace, a feather and charm necklace and two chunky bangles; one, wooden and studded and the other, brown and ivory.

I also decided to wear this trilby/shooting hat that i snapped up on eBay for a couple of pounds - i love it (despite it being a wee bit big for my tiny child-size head). What do you guys think of the hat? The bf and his mates laughed at me and thought i was an old-skool American detective :( ha.

excuse the goofy looking smiles - i had an audience and they were trying to make me laugh!

Here's a few pics of the bonfire we made:

Have y'all enjoyed the sun? What did you get upto?



  1. I love that hat, it looks fab. Cute outfit.

    We also had a BBQ yesterday, got to make the most of this weather! Xx

  2. It looks like you had a really good time. Your outfit looks amazing, really comfy, but stylish. I'm actually quite jealous of your jumper.
    I also think the hat looks great. Loving your style.

  3. As if that jumper was only a fiver


  4. I know @Eloise, what an absolute steal!

    Thanks for all your comments dolls :)


  5. You look lovely!

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