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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Evening all, how's your Saturday going?

This is my second diary post entry about my days off. This is what i got upto in London on Friday :)


So on Friday i had another day off with the bf and we decided to go to London. We set off late morning and headed to Leicester Square for a spot of lunch. We went to our favourite place - Chiquito's; a yummy Mexican.

To kick-start the day and because i was feeling very Carrie in Sex and the City i decided to have a Cosmopolitan cocktail...

For my starter i had potato wedges topped with chilli, cheese and sour cream and for main i had a delicious spicy chicken and rice wrap with fries - i was such a ravenous beast that by the time i thought about taking a photo i had already devoured half of the meal, oops!

After our delicious lunch me and the bf parted ways; he went off to play in a poker tournament with his friends and i hit Oxford Street for a mammoth shopping sesh!

My first stop was Topshop as i was lusting after these fab jeans and was desperate to try them on. Unfortunately me and Topshop do not get on very well and i had a horrid shopping experience. It was mega hot and busy (this was expected), i eventually found the jeans and went to try them on. Upon entering the fitting rooms a foul smell hit me, i figured it was smelly feet and bodies mixed together but when i eventually found a free fitting room the reason for the smell appeared - someone had wee'd in the changing room! Can you even believe this!? (sorry if you didnt want to know this but i had to share my disgust!) Ewww! The disastrous shopping trip did not stop there, the jeans made me look short and stumpy :( and then the sales assistants completely ignored anyone trying to leave the fitting rooms so i literally dumped the jeans and tag and ran for my life out of there!

I then headed to Primark knowing that i was guaranteed to get my shopping fix in there. I picked up a couple of dresses, 2 jumpers, a bikini, a cute feather necklace, tan fringed coin purse and these gorgeous shoes...

Cant wait to wear these during the summer months. Got a lovely petrol blue maxi dress that would look just divine with these :)

I also picked up some goodies in Boots & Superdrug - Soap & Glory's Wish Upon A Jar, 2 eyeshadows, a moisturiser, a lipstick, 3 nail polishes and a blush (reviews and pics coming soon)

I also spent some time at Trafalgar Square just sitting by the fountain and watching the world go by :)

I love London so much but have come to realise that i really love shopping in my local town as its much less busy and i can shop in peace (i have a routine where i get up early on a Sunday and do all my shopping before most people wake up - therefore grabbing all the bargains before everyone else!)

This is what i wore:

Navy and white patterned playsuit
Black long-sleeved cardi
Sheepskin gilet
Tan studded pixie boots
Tan plaited waist belt
A collection of necklaces and bangles

Me and the bf got a bit snap happy while waiting for our food to arrive:

Where are your favourite places to shop & eat? I'm a total foodie and love to eat out!



  1. love the outfit! and the shoes you got are really cute.
    ps. that cosmo looks yummmy lol

  2. Ew why would anyone wee in a changing room! Love the outfit x


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