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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hey, hey, hey!

Today i'm going to be talking about fake-tan and the rituals i go through to get a gorgeous bronzed glow.

I am very pale (my skin might as well be see-through), i knew i had to begin my summer fake-tanning regime when i was lying in the bf's bed and his lime green bed sheets were reflecting off my skin turning me a green alien colour!! *true story*

We all know the steps to follow so we dont end up like a patchy, streaky piece of bacon (exfoliate, moisturise, buff!) but below you'll find the way i do it and the products i use :)


Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

I have recently started using Simple's Kind To Skin Exfoliating body wash before i fake it. This product is great! Its gentle on the skin, has no perfume or colour and the perfect blend of active ingredients and loofah goodness renews and rejuvenates your skin.

Moisturise :)

When i fake-tan i want instant results so i exfoliate, moisturise and apply all in one evening! Once i've got out the shower after the exfoliation sesh i add a tiny bit of Soap & Glory's The Righteous Butter Body Lotion to my ankles, elbows and knees (basically the sticky-outy bones, ha!) and leave it to sink in nicely (around half-hour to an hour).

I've raved about Soap & Glory is previous posts herehere and this product does not disappoint either :)

Again its packaged with S&G's signature retro look and has the most gorgeous smell (i think its fragranced with Mist You Madly but i'm not totally sure). Its a fab little moisturiser that can be used all over the body which leaves skin softer, smoother and more supple. Its packed with smoothing fruit acids and conditions dry, flaky skin. What's not to love!?


Now let the tanning commence!

I always use Dove's Summer Glow which is a gradual tan/moisturiser and i use the Medium/Dark colour. I use this as opposed to a real fake tanner as its very easy to use, less dangerous than previous fake tanners that i've used (by this i mean reduces the streak and patch risks, lol) and gives me the desired colour :)

I slather it over my body in a circular motion using just my bare hands (no gloves or mitt here!) and rub the excess off my palms with a baby wipe or make-up wipe.

I dont like to use this on my face so instead i've found Chanel's Soileil Identite Perfect Colour Face Self-Tanner in Golden to be perfect for me. I adore this tanner as it creates a fantastic glow. It retails at around £25 for 50ml.

After applying the tan i speed up the drying time a little by giving myself a blast with the hairdryer all over (do you ever have little rituals that you do that seem crazy to everyone else?! I think this is one of them, ha!!) I then leave this to develop overnight and voila! A gorgeous bronzed goddess is unveiled in the morn :)

I repeat this twice a week over the summery months and this keeps me topped up with a nice glowing tan.

A lot of people are raving about St. Moriz which i am yet to try - do i take the plunge? Is it as easy to use as everyone says?



  1. I found this to be so useful :)I have the same super white complexion and was a bit afraid to use self tanner . I will definitely try this :)

  2. Hmm, I just recently tried Dove Summer Glow (Light to Medium) after two weeks of daily use I had absolutely no results. Maybe because it was the lighter one, or maybe gradual tans don't work on me? haha.

    Glad it works for you though!

  3. I began using the Light to Medium but was getting very little results :(

    I wouldnt of purposely gone out and bought the Medium to Dark because of my paleness but my mum had it lying around so i gave it a little test and havent looked back since :)


  4. great advice, I've always been too scared to use self-tan in case it goes wrong and I would never dream of using sun beds lol so maybe starting with a gradual tan may be the answer for me xoxo


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