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Monday, 11 April 2011

Just a quick post to say that i wont be around much until the weekend as i have a super busy week :)

Tomorrow night i'm going to London to see The Blackout - weeeeeeeeeee!! :D so excited!!

Wednesday after work i'm catching up with some work girlies and having a nice dinner (probably Frankie & Benny's - yum!) and then we're going to our monthly Bingo night haha. Now you may think we're old before our time but it is so much fun ... we get the worst/funniest bingo rage when we hear the dreaded yell of someone claiming their winnings, lol.

Work is mental at the mo and i feel so sleepy when i get home that i just lay in bed and watch TV (and read all of your lovely blogs!) so i havent had time to schedule any posts during the week unfortunately :( my bad!

Here's a little selection of my current TV obsessions ......

.... yes i love the trash TV 8¬)

Got any good plans for this week? What are your TV guilty pleasures?


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  1. I just noticed that you put me into your favourite reads. I'm touched. Thank you so much. I saw the blackout a good few years back when they were supporting The Lost Prophets. They were fantastic from what I remember, I didn't catch that much as I blacked out! Haha. No joke.


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