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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hey Ladies!

How are we all? I've had a fabulous couple of days off from work and am excited to share my little adventures with you! Today i'm posting Thursday's diary entry, enjoy!


On Thursday me and the bf decided to go to Thorpe Park for the day! We got up early (well 9am...early for us!) and went to the local cafe for a spot of brekkie before our journey. Mmmm fry-up!

On the way there the weather turned a bit grotty and we hit rain patches all along the M25 but luckily once we arrived the weather held out and it was dry (except for the water rides, hehe!) Also because it was mid-week most people were at school or work and we hardly had to queue at all :) :)

I hadnt been to Thorpe Park for quite a few years so there were tons of new rides that i hadnt been on before. My favourite rides were the water ones especially the Rumba Rapids (an oldie but a goodie!) and the new ride for 2011 - Storm Surge. Basically you are in a huge rubber ring that is launched off a massive 64ft high flume - it was fun!

The scariest rides of the day for me were Saw:The Ride and Stealth.

Saw was the ride which we had to queue the longest for but this was because about 5 minutes after we started queuing the ride had to be taken out of action so they could remove one of the faulty car's (i think this scared me more than the ride itself, haha). Saw:The Ride boasts that it is the world's first horror movie-themed rollercoaster with a beyond vertical 100 degree and 100ft drop!!

Stealth for me was the scariest ride of the day and the last ride we went on. The carriage shoots off at an unbelievable high speed (0-80mph in just 2.3 seconds!) and flies you up 205ft high in the sky and then drops you down a vertical drop. This ride completely did my neck and shoulders in (i probably shouldnt have been on any of the rides with my bad neck/shoulders but oopsie!)

We has an amazing day :) I would completely recommend trying all the rides at least once and, if you can, get there before the school's break-up for holidays - less queuing times and hardly any annoying kids! There are so many good offers on all over the place at the moment so theres no reason why you should have to pay for 2 full price adults (at £40 each i think its a bit steep, especially as they are now charging you to use their car park!!) We had BOGOF tickets which i think the bf got in WH Smiths while buying a magazine!

Have you been on Saw or Stealth? What did you guys think?

I'll be posting my Friday shopping trip in London once i'm back home and have my camera lead!


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  1. Sounds like a good day - I love Thorpe Park due to the fact that I got engaged on The Saw! Good memories for me :) xx


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