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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hands up if you have an obsession with handbags!!?

I love 'em! I have a coat/hat stand in the corner of my bedroom that has about one or two jackets on and a whole lotta handbags!

Thats not the only place i store them, i also have 2 sets of those cheap plastic storage drawers that you find in the likes of Argos, Asda, Wilko's....that are crammed with an array of beauties ranging from little clutch bags to oversized slouchy boho bags.

My addiction to bags gives me a fright every so often when i start doing my monthly clear-out for eBay sales and i find bags stashed inside other bags that havent seen the light of day for months!

Today i'm going to share some of my collection with you.
Miss Selfridge Floral bag - the bf bought this for my birthday and i havent stopped using it since. I have a serious bag crush on this beauty!

I just received this gem from eBay - the pic doesnt do it justice. Its huge! Super soft taupe/brown leather and has loads of different compartments. I think this is my new hand luggage bag!

Gorgeous dusky pink suede over the body bag

I've had this bag for about 5 years and it still looks like new! Its real leather and i picked it up in the Urban Outfitters sale for about £30!

Another gift from the bf - cute Cath Kidston shopper. Should really use this more!

How adorable is this shell design?! I barely use this but its soo cute. I took it on my hols last year and kept all my jewellery in it, lol.

I love love love my tassel bag! Its so versatile. I added the feathers (originally earrings!) and i use this all the time :)

My trusty studded clutch bag! This is the bag i always grab for a night out. Its oversized (my pics are rubbish, sorry!) and i nabbed this in Tesco for £8!

Straw barrel clutch with chain - unfortunately this got a dirty mark on the white flap and it makes me self-conscious everytime i use it :( i normally drag this out in the summer months.

Another Tesco find! Oversized, slouchy, studs - what more could i ask for!? I try not to use this too often even though it is one of my all time faves due to there being a few tears on the handles which im frightened will rip and break soon :( Anyone got any cool tips on how i could prevent/fix this??

This is just a small selection of ones that i use most regularly for day & evening use. Sorry for the awful pics, i wasnt feeling artistic today (bogged down with chores as its my day off).



  1. Love the Miss Selfridge Floral bag! x

  2. the miss selfridge bag is gorgeous! :) x

  3. Such a wonderful collection! Lucky girl!
    XOXO from a new follower here!

  4. love the last 3 bags so much!

    i have a new post, would be nice if you check it out!

    everyday a new post

    xo model from holland


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