Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Evening girls! I wasnt going to post tonight as i'm feeling zonked but i've just had another yummy bath using these gorgeous bath cubes so thought i'd share my love with you all :)

So i picked these up a couple of weeks ago during a birthday shopping spree in Boots. I was just getting off the escalator when i spied these cuties at the bottom of a shelf tucked away with all the bubble bath. I was instantly drawn to their purpleness.

Beautifully Delicious - Coconut and Shea Candylicious bath cubes

You simply run a bath and crumble a couple of these little cubes into the running water.

I love these purely for the novelty of using a cube instead of bubble bath or gel. However, they do not foam (nor do they claim to do so on the box - i dont know where my mind got the idea that they would from?!) and the scent only lasts for about 5mins max which is a shame as i absolutely love the smell of these! Saying that i continue to use them and top the bath up with bubbles once the delicious aroma has faded.

I've just had a look on the Boots website and they are retailing at £3.99 but i dont remember paying that much for them - i think i paid £2 or £3?

Such a cute gift idea - i will definitely be stocking up on these for add-ons to presents this year :)

Dont they just remind you of stock cubes!! haha



  1. They look so cute in the tub, I'm the kind of person that will buy them just because of that! x

  2. Great blog!
    ciao ciao from Rome

  3. Oh gosh, they look lovely. I really should have more baths!
    Cute blog x

  4. I love these! I feel like some princess whenever i use them, they just smell so nice :)


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