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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Afternoon Girlies ...

Now that the sun is starting to shine i've decided to share this little bargain i nabbed the other week...

How gorgeous are these!!?

Primark - £2.50 :)

I must admit that i am not the biggest flip flop fan - i find that the band between the big toe and the other toes always rub and are far too uncomfortable for my liking :(

I am a flip flop convert with these!!

The straps are made from a soft material and are a gorgeous turquoise floral pattern and the flops are decorated with a cute hot pink flower at the front - they are so comfortable and sucha bargain! They also sold these in red.

Totally feel like im in Forgetting Sarah Marshall when wearing these :)



  1. What a bargain for £2.50! I'll have to pop into Primark soon and get some sandals/flip flops myself! x

  2. Love them! If you put a plaster around the toe post or between your toes where the toe post goes, it makes flip flops more comfortable :D x

  3. I always buy flip flops with soft straps, I know what you mean about the band rubbing otherwise!
    These are cute x

  4. i love them! cant´t wait for summertime ♡


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