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Sunday, 13 March 2011

I am well and truly ready for summer now. After what seems like the longest, coldest winter ever some sun finally reared its much welcomed head for the first time yesterday bringing with it a relatively warm day.

For the first time in like forever i had no heating on in my car and even embraced the cool breeze with the windows down and the tunes blaring. I ventured out in a maxi dress and my sunglasses were super-glued to my face. The boys decided that summer was here and wore shorts and vests and cracked out the bbq .... it then decided to rain; but that's just British ways isn't it! BBQ's just getting started and the heavens open, it's the same every year. To be fair we couldn't expect too much as it is only March!

Me and the bf even picked out our (late) summer holiday yesterday and i've been practically giddy ever since! It has definitely put the spring back in my step and given me some much needed motivation - i now have something to look forward to :)

As i get over-enthusiastic with the holiday shopping (bikinis, flip flops, summer dresses galore!) I thought i'd post and see what you all consider your summer holiday essentials and what are you're must haves for the upcoming season ....

What do you pack in your hand luggage?! What type of luggage do you use??

What are you're beauty essentials? Do you dare to be make-up free on the beach??

I've still got 6 months to wait til i go away but I'm already planning away like a crazy person :p



  1. Hey, thanks for following my blog, new follower here :)

    I love the bronzed make-up look for summer, obvious I know but it's gorgeous! Maxi dresses and playsuits are the way forward for me. Although, I can not and have not found a maxi dress to fit me length-wise; I'm 5"2! Eek!

    Terri, xoxo

  2. I'm going away the first week of July - can't WAIT! Actually need no new clothes whatsoever cause i have loads left from travelling last year, but i KNOW i won't be able to resist some new stuff :) xx

  3. I got a lovely maxi dress from Boohoo.com and i was worried that it'd be miles too long as i'm 5"4 but it has adjustable straps so i hoisted them up a little bit and its now the perfect length!

    Thanks for the follow and comments girls :)


  4. Lovely blog. I follow and hope you will follow me back.



  5. I am doing a summer of festivals this year so I hope it is not a typical British summer and does not poor down like last year!
    Its funny that you cracked out the BBQ, me and the boy are just the same! He was in shorts the other day and then complained about being cold!

    I get super excited about holidays too!



  6. I'm hoping to get to a couple of festivals this summer as i missed out last year so lets pray for dry hot days! haha.

    Its turned cold this evening lets hope Britain is not taking a step back - we want Spring!


  7. I don't have any summer plans yet but I cannot wait for summer either!

    Have a great week!
    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  8. As beach make-up goes I use black mascara and Bobbi Brown shimmer brick.
    I always take a massive suitcase and a small holdall as my hang luggage but I always take too much hand luggage because I travel quite a bit and my case as not arrived with me more than once!

    Thanks for following xx

  9. Make-up free! (With gorgeous jewelries though ;))


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