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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Quick outfit of the day from yesterday that i didnt have time to post. I adore this pink tunic dress!! I've been looking for something like this for a few months and finally found one by chance when i was in town last weekend looking for floral dresses!

I teamed it with some thick black tights, a brown plaited belt, brown pixie boots and a chunky wooden studded bangle - i also wore my favourite new necklace 'Toby Owl' (yes, i've named my owl necklace but who cares). Toby Owl is quite possibly one of my best bargains ... 99p on ebay including postage!

My OoTD pics are pretty poor as its quite cramped in front of my floor-length mirror at the mo as i'm in the process of having a spring-clean. Hopefully they'll get better...

Also thought i'd add a couple of pics of items from my bracelet box - i have a slight obession with bracelets and have a hat box crammed with them (its actually overflowing now) :¬/

Have you checked out my jewellery line?

I have some exciting new items coming soon :) hopefully have them up by next weekend :)


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