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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

So this post is more an introduction to me and a bit of a change to the review theme that’s developing in my blog.

I thought I’d give you an insight into what you may find in my wardrobe, make-up drawer and trinket boxes. You’ll soon discover that I have lots of different styles mixed into my clothing, jewellery and bag collections, this could be because I’m indecisive and my mind changes minute by minute but also because I’m a girl :)

The best part of being a girl is that we can experiment with clothing, make-up, hairstyles, colours, textures, looks… I love it!!

At heart I’m a Rock Chick, through and through. I remember when my parents were telling everyone its just a phase but 11 years on I still goth up when I’m in a bad mood ;) I love black and grey. I love anything with a stud on it. I love the loud bang of a drum, the sweaty dingy dark underground clubs. I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL.

You cant rock out unless you have:
Super skinny black jeans, leather biker jacket and lots of kohl eyeliner

With the hot sunny months approaching I’m starting to look out for my summer wardrobe. Summer is when I experiment a bit more – I dream of living in California and waking up each day to the surf with long messy beach waves in my hair and ripped denim hot-pants a daily staple but alas I live in London. I’m loving the Boho/Surf look at present and am totally going to embrace this look during the warmer months. (Think Ivy from 90210).

Wish list for Summer:
Ripped denim hot-pants, maxi dress, tie dye top

Another look I flit between is the Girlie Girl style. Florals, pastels, sun dresses … This is ideal for Spring which is my favourite season. Every spring I invest in something lemon, lilac and mint green. I love mint green – reminds me of mint choc chip ice cream, yum! There are so many pretty girlie accessories out at the moment – surprising how a pearl and floral bracelet can add a girlie touch and totally transform a bland outfit to something cute and kitsch.

Spring Must-haves:
Girlie bracelets, floral prints and pastel cardi’s

So there's a little about what styles i like to experiment with. I'm totally looking forward to Spring/Summer and venturing into a more boho look. (I thoroughly embraced Rock Chick throughout the Winter and wore lots of black, greys and silvers...)

What look will you be sporting for Spring/Summer?

How am i doing with this blogging lark?


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