Day 18 - 30 Day Challenge - A photo of your house/apartment ...

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Good evening lovelies, how's your weekend been? Cant believe its back to work again already! Tomorrow is gonna be a busy one, booo :(

Today's challenge was to show you a picture of my house and since I'm living with my parents and the space is not mine i decided to show you a pic of my bedroom as it's a nice reflection of my personality...

Day 18 of my 30 Day Challenge - A photo of your house/apartment:

Bit messy atm, need to declutter my dressing table big style!

So this is my room! On the other side of my room just out of view i have a set of triple wardrobes in white with a gorgeous full-length mirror door. I love my room (even though its a bit on the small side) - i based the decor on the old-skool Hollywood glamour/burlesque boudoir sort of theme :)

Speak soon



  1. Nice purple wall - i hvae one too!! :) Purple is one of my most favourite colours. xx

  2. My favourite colour is purple! Loving the christina poster aswell :) xx

  3. At least you have a dressing table. I am dreaming of one :).


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