Day 6 - 30 Day Challenge - A day in the life, photographs taken throughout your day ...

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Evening girls :)


Todays challenge was to take photos throughout the day and show you a day in the life of me!

So lets get started...

Day 5 of my 30 Day Challenge - A day in the life ...

 Getting ready for work - i stayed at the bf's last night so i was living out of a bag (i live out of a suitcase for about a third of each week!)
 Ready, about to set off after a nice long weekend. Can i just go back to bed please!?

At the beginning of each week i take a trip to Asda and stock up on lunch items for the week - today i picked up some fruit, cracked black pepper ryvitas and a salad. Oh and i also picked up so cute ditsy floral cups but more on those another day!

Arrivied at work

My desk ...

Breakfast - i love raspberries, i eat a whole punnet in like 5mins :/
I got to escape the office mid-morning and go to another site - this is me about to set off in the work van, ha!

Lunch! I normally just eat at my desk and have a read of the news online ...
Dinner! Chorizo & veggie pasta with some crusty bread, yum :)

Settling down for the evening with my laptop and trashy TV :) (anyone got msn and wanna swap?! ha)
My treat box! About to delve in and have some treats while watching hollyoaks :p

So that was my day - hope you enjoyed the little insight into my life. What did you get upto?



  1. haha, those chicken & bacon pasta salads are my favourite! x

  2. Oh I love posts like these. I am the same with you, I go through a punnet so quickly! I am also the same with my laptop, trashy shoes and treat box haha xoxo

  3. I always love these sorts of posts :)
    Made me a little hungry now though!! x
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